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Hair Loss: Alopecia And Aromatherapy


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It can start innocently enough, you may be brushing your hair when you discover a round bald patch anywhere from the nape of the neck to the top of the head. Basically these ominous bald patches can show up all over the head and they seem to appear almost overnight without warning. Usually one patch is followed by more and can create the appearance of moth eaten hair.

Alopecia Areata

The appearance of the perfectly shaped bald spots is usually indications of the mysterious hair follicle disease known as alopecia areata. Sometimes it can take years for alopecia areata to progress from small bald spots to completely hair loss. At other times the progress can happen quickly.

Alopecia Areata can be extremely confusing and many doctors are unsure of the best methods for handling the hair disease. In the most severe forms of alopecia areata the hair does not grow back quickly and in some cases it may not completely grow back. Each case is unique.

Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Areata may advance to Alopecia Universalis which means universal hair loss. Every single hair on the body falls out including the eyebrows, eyelashes and even pubic hair.

Because there is no known cure many people with Alopecia Universalis will cover their bald heads with wigs. Wigs have come very far over the past several years.

Although wigs are not the only answer, they do provide one alternative. As society has become more accepting of baldness for men, women and children some sufferers of Alopecia Universalis opt to go au natural and show their baldness to the world.

Others are not as comfortable and alternate between wigs and head scarves, hats or other head coverings.


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Some sufferers of Alopecia have had a range of positive results with alternative medical treatments ranging from acupuncture and massage to aromatherapy.

There are a variety of essential oils which have been documented to encourage hair growth. Every essential oil has its own unique footprint and different benefits.

Some essential oils will encourage scalp circulation while others will encourage new growth, detoxification of the scalp and reversal of hair loss trends. Some oils work better together than other oils.

Aromatherapy has provided alternative forms of healing for centuries and can be custom blended by an aroma therapist who specializes in hair loss issues. Although aromatherapy is a long term commitment, it does offer the ability to take control of your hair loss issues.

Aromatherapy works on many different levels in the human body. One of the key benefits to aromatherapy is the fact it is all natural and non-invasive. Aromatherapy works in perfect harmony with the human body as a whole.

Experts teach the fact that aromatherapy encourages the body's own natural healing system. Essential oils can help restore the hair while also relieving stress which can encourage hair loss in the first place.

New Hair

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When undergoing aromatherapy treatments it is important to recognize the importance of being patient. Restoring lost hair to alopecia can take anywhere from three months to six months or longer.

It is also important to combine aromatherapy with massage and healthy lifestyle changes. You may wish to combine aromatherapy with acupunture, homeopathy, flower essences or related alternative health treatments.

Select alternative treatments that resonate with your body and help you strengthen your immune system.

Some experts believe that left alone, hair attacked by alopecia will eventually grow back without any special treatments. Is this true?

Maybe, but some believe without treatments the hair will never return. Only you can decide what efforts are worth the investment of time and money.

Losing hair to alopecia can be a very painful experience but when you are willing to think outside the box and try alternative methods of healing like aromatherapy you have the opportunity to not only restore your hair but to heal your entire body.

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