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Hairstyles That Draw Attention To Eyes

Do you have gorgeous eyes and want them to pop?

Why not work with your favorite hairdresser to create a haircut or hairstyle designed specifically to amp up your gorgeous peepers?

Listed below are some haircuts and hairstyles which will draw attention to your eyes:

1.  Short pixie, cap or crop like those worn by Victoria "Posh Spice" with strategic layers and short or super "baby" bangs. With a short cut like this your eyes will be the center of attention.

2.  A medium length bob like the one worn by Jenny McCarthy with hair side-swept and worn sleekly to one side with a panel of hair appearing to create an "arrow" along the temple directly other eyes down right towards the eyes.  Jenny also wears this hairstyle with brow-skimming heavy bangs.

Either type of Jenny McCarthy style "frames" the face and draws instant attention to the eyes and brows.

3.  Below the chin layered shag with layers cut strategically to draw attention up from the chin towards the eyes and sleek side-swept bangs.

4. Medium or shoulder length hairstyles with texturized and layered bangs and lots of fullness along the crown.  When the hairstyle has volume right behind the hairline it will draw attention "up" the face and towards the eyes.

Can you still draw attention to the eyes if you don't wish to wear bangs?  Of course.  Just look at Victoria Beckham's latest Pixie haircut.  Her bangs are barely there.  While bangs create an instant horizontal line above the eyes, there are other styles that can work equally well.

Other non-bang eye popping hair style options include:

1.  Wearing hair long with a deep side part with two panels of hair falling at angles right below the eye socket.  This gives the hair a peep-a-boo effect bringing full attention to your eyes. Actress Rose McGowen has worn a similar style and it brings full attention to her gorgeous eyes.

2.  Pulling hair sleeky back off or your face and popping on a Fedora or beret style hair that fits right at the hairline in a complementary or contrasting color.  The hat will bring full attention to your eyes since the brim is again creating that very important horizontal line that draws other eyes to yours.

3.  Wearing the right pair of glasses with colored frames can definitely draw attention to the eyes.  The key is to make sure the lens are clear and do not interfere with the ability to see the eyes.

Hair Color Tricks

Besides haircuts and hairstyles, hair color can offer amazing tricks for directing attention to eyes, making them literally pop.

1.  Select a hair color that creates a dramatic contrast.  Actress Zooey Deschanel has been blonde, light brunette and recently she went with a rich yet intense raven brunette.

She combined the very dark brunette hue (Image fo the rights)  with full blunt style bangs, lift at the roots and her baby blues eyes looked like they were literally popping off her face.

Zooey's eyes were no where near as highlighted when she wore her hair blonde (Image above and to the left) or without bangs.

2.  Combine bangs with precision placed highlights and low lights around the hairline to direct attention to your eyes.  Utilizing the concept of horizontal lines which direct towards your eyes is key.  Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has been known to wear her fringe slightly sideswept combining lighter highlight pinstrips with her darker blonde base.  The lighter highlights grab attention to her eyes making them shimmer.

For Best Results Work With A Team Of Pros

Celebrities and super models have their own team of celeb hairdressers and hairdressers who are often working in harmony towards a common goals.  If you want a custom hairstyle, haircut or master color plan that gives your own eyes super drawing power, be sure to do your homework.

Select hairstyles which you believe would work well for your face shape and hair type, length and texture.  Discuss your options with your hairdresser and your haircolorists.

Well skilled hair people can create miracles or at a minimum, can give you the hairstyles that draws attention to your eyes or any other part of your face.

Please share your own tips for creating your own hairstyle and color which highlights your own best features such as your eyes.

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