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Best New Year's Eve Party Hairstyles

When it comes to selecting your sizzling New Year's Eve Party Hairdo, start with your goals for the evening.  Do you want to look hot for your current honey to knock their socks off or do you want to attract a new honey for the new year?

(Image of Leighton Meester With Tousled Faux Chignon - Gossip Girls - CW Network - All Rights Reserved)

Are you interested in just having fun with your loved ones, friends and posse?  If that's the case you may want to look hot but with limited muss and fuss.

After all, New Year's Eve brings all sorts of hair hazards from all the glitter and streamer dust which hits the air around midnight, not to mention the danger of splashing drinks and fallout from overindulgers.

If you want to look sizzling hot but be able to have fun at the same time, select a party do which is similar to your normal style, just crank it up a little bit.

(Image of Blake Lively - Gossip Girls - CW Network - all rights reserved).

My favorite sizzling but low maintenance hairstyles involve anything tousled.  When you're at a party the last thing you want to worry about is keeping every hair in place.

A good hair day can turn bad in an instant with all the party fun.  Why not select a sassy hairstyle with attitude that can hold it's own in any crowd?

Listed below are a few of my fav bullet proof New Year's Eve Hairstyles for all hair types, textures and lengths:

1.  Go Wavy - Whether your hair is short or uber long, waves can be slightly tousled and look stunning,  Another advantage to waves is they look better as the natural oils in your hair settle in.  Which means you can shampoo and set your hair 24 hours in advance and look smashing for party time.

(Image of Leighton Meester - Gossip Girls - CW Network - all rights reserved).

If your hair is already naturally wavy, change it up a bit my creating a new part, pulling one side back and letting your waves cascade to one side or jazz them up with a sparkly headband to celebrate the New Year.

2.  Go Tousled - The girls on The Hills know the score.  Lauren Conrad (LC), Lo Bosworth, Stephanie Pratt and Holly Montag have showcased an amazing array of tousled hairstyles during the current season.  The key?  Pick a style and then tousle it.

Lauren Conrad often pulls her hair into a low nape-of-the-neck bun but finger pulls and picks the strands from the front of her hairline back into the bun.  This gives a slightly tousled look to the top of the crown and the sides of her hair ending in the low bun.

Lauren often pulls random hair out of the bun, loops them back in for a softer look and connects the dots with a cut set of sleeper clips or headband.

3.  Go With A Pony - The Ponytail is the hottest hairstyle for 2009.  Even better, the pony rocks when worn as a side hairstyle, when accented with braids, split into multiple ponies, worn straight with bubbles or messy and tousled.

Ponytails can be sexy, sassy, sophisticated or fun and flirty.

(Image of Taylor Momsen With Baby Ponytail - Gossip Girls - CW Network - All Rights Reserved)

Even short or medium hair can rock one baby pony or a series of tiny tails.  If you want to play with ponies but you're hair is too short, clip on a pony or clip on a HairDo and you're ready to go in a snap.

Ponytails can also be instantly wrapped into a messy bun or braided.  It's the perfect updo with minimum fuss and so what if it unravels during that midnight kiss?  It'll only make you look more sassy.

4.  Go With A Bun - Buns are stealing the show on many Red Carpets and Fashions Runways.  Combine a high pony with tousled crown and sides and then wrap it into your own messy bun.  Could you be any edgier?

(Image of Jessica Szohr - Gossip Girls - CW - All Rights Reserved).

If you don't like the bun on the top of your head, make a low pony, pull random strands out and then wrap into a loose chignon.  Or play with an off-center low bun.

The beauty of the bun is that there is no right or wrong style.  Only the one that makes you feel ab fab.

5.  Go With Hair Accessories - Hair Accessories are expected to blow up for 2009.  Why?  Check out all the ladies on Gossip Girls and 90210.  They get the secret of letting a glam headband do all the heavy hair lifting.  As Blake Lively and her posse demonstrate, hair accessories can take an average hairstyle over the top with the snap of a wrist and the gliding on of a glam headband.

6.  Go With A Cute Fedora - If fun is your goal but you want to remain cool and fashionable, pop on a cute Fedora ala Lauren Conrad or a cute beret like Whitney Port.  Hats are hot and can work with an array of outfits from jeans to a cute plaid skirt and lacy top.  Work it and you can relax and enjoy the party's festivities.  Another advantage to a sassy hat?  No worries of glitter dust landing in your hair.

Happy New Year.

Please let me know about your own special New Year's Eve Hairstyle Do and Don'ts.

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