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2009 Hair Resolutions

At a recent Team Meeting I asked everyone to share some of their 2009 hair resolutions.  I promised to include their comments in my blog, especially if their resolutions were appropriate, entertaining or thoughtful.

Zach's 2009 Hair Resolution is to keep as much of his hair as possible.  While that might seem like an unusual resolution, Zach explained that at his age (late 20s) there is a family history of initial stages of hair loss.

Brigid had two hair resolutions for 2009.  Her first resolution is to do a better job of keeping her highlights fresh with less obvious regrowth.  Her second is to make a more consistent effort to deep condition her strands since she does have them highlighted and lowlighted on a regular basis.

Michael wants to keep growing his hair, which is fine and thin.  He also wants to grow more hair and is resolving to be consistent about taking his hair vitamins, which work when he remembers to take them.  Michael recently found a new hairdresser who does his hair "exactly as he likes is" and the second part of his 2009 hair resolution is to be more regular with his visits.

Edan wants to find a new hairdresser who really knows how to care for her naturally curly hair.  To date she has not found a hair stylist that she believes knows how to cut her curls for the best results.  She also vowed to have her ends trimmed more regularly to prevent breakage.

My own 2009 hair resolutions include keeping my hair fringe shorter since it looks more polished and eating more "long hair friendly" foods in my diet.

Other popular 2009 Hair Resolutions include:

1.  Growing hair longer

2.  Having a complete hair makeover

3.  Getting hair cut much shorter

4.  Changing hair texture - from curly/wavy to straight or vice versa

5.  Finding new hair conditioning treatments

6.  Trying new hair care products (shampoo, styling products) Have you made your 2009 hair resolutions?  What are your own personal goals for your hair for 2009?

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