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Keri Russell Hairstyles

Actress Keri Lynn Russell recently (12-18-08) walked the Red Carpet at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Bedtime Stories' co-starring Courteney Cox and Adam Sandler.

The actress (and dancer) made news in 2000 when she cut her lush long and naturally curly hair super short because it drastically altered her appearance in her Golden Globe winning role of Felicity. The show had achieved cult status on the now defunct WB Network.

(Image of Keri Russell in 2000 at the Emmy Awards after short hair cut - - all rights reserved).

Keri's long and curly strands were was one of her character's defining characteristics, and a drastic hairstyle change at the beginning of the show's second season was considered to be the cause of a significant drop in the series' ratings. Fans were up in arms over Keri's major hair chop.

Since that point in time when her hair became bigger than her entire career, Keri (born March 23, 1976) has tried to achieve a low profile when it came to her various hair lengths, colors, textures and styles.

At the Premiere of Bedtime Stories she appeared with her light chocolate brown tresses beautifully highlighted around her face and throughout the crown with ribbons of soft vanilla strands.

Showcasing the new "big hair" look, Keri had lots of lush volume built into her slightly-above-the-shoulders layered hairdo. Her natural curls were straightened except around the perimeter of her hair style which consisted of large loose ringlets and soft waves.

Both sides of her hairdo were styled to form soft flips ending in loose curls which were layered in an up-swept manner off her beautiful modified heart shaped face.

Since leaving TV's Felicity, Keri has appeared in several popular films including We Were Soldiers, The Upside of Anger, Mission: Impossible III, Waitress and August Rush which was a very moving love story.

Keri is currently working on voice overs for the iconic comic book character Wonder Woman which will be released in the future as an animated film of the same name.

For more information on Keri refer to her Wikipedia profile.

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