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Will Justin Bieber's New Haircut Sink Or Soar His Music Career?

Justin Bieber, fondly known as The Biebster or The Biebs created a major buzz on Tuesday, February 22nd.

Why?  He let his longtime stylist take a scissors to his trademark swooped hairdo.  He emerged from a session with the scissors  to showoff a shorter, sharper, edgier shagged up style.

Polls popped up everywhere asking the fans the big question of whether they loved or hated his new strands.

His new haircut was a key topic discussed today between Koda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on NBC's morning program.  Justin also popped into the Ellen Degeneres show on Wednesday, February 23 to show his shorn locks.

Ellen made a point of explaining that Justin donated his hair to be auctioned off for charity.  Can you only imagine how much it will fetch?

Ironically Biebs joins the ranks of many a celebrity who went through a major hair transition.  Some watched their careers soar while others watched theirs sink like a rock.  The media is asking the big question.   Will Justin Bieber's new hair cut help or hurt his current career?For some a new cut actually thrust them more into the public eye.  One of the bet things that Rihanna did was chop off her signature long tresses.  Once she made the first cut, she became a fashion darling with her ever changing array of edgy hairstyles.  She set new hair trends and her music, while stop popular, often was less pushed aside in favor of her hair and striking fashions.

Of course the original hair chameleon was Madonna and her constant strand changes did nothing but elevate her already spectacular career.

Britney Spears is thought to have damaged her career by shaving her head and displaying a range of horribly crafted hair extensions.  While Rihanna was instantly adored for her stunning array of hues, lengths and textured, Britney was mocked and ridiculed.  Did it hurt Britney's career.  It could be argued either way.

Other's who soared from a hair cut include Dave Grohl with the Foo Fighters who chopped off his long luscious locks right around the time his band became huge.   Eminem also make a wise hair choice by going darker to signal a new direction in his music career.  His new hue was a huge hit.

Actress Keri Russell's Career Busting Haircut

Actress Keri Russell shed her gorgeous natural curls and wound up punching a hole in her sizzling career.  The ratings on Felicity dropped dramatically after her famous hair cut and the show and Keri never were the same.  Busta Rhymes shed his signature dreads but then lost his career steam.

Another Justin, Timberlake, cut his natural curls super short and left NSYNC.  The fans loved Justin so much that they didn't care if he went shorter.  His career skyrocketed and continues to climb into movies and film.  In fact, he co-starred in award winning  The Social Network which was one of the hottest films of 2010.

Bieber's new hair style isn't nearly as dramatic as Britney Spears' shaved head or Keri Russell's big chop, so it's likely that he'll end up even bigger than before.

The Biebster had a lot riding on his lush signature mane. Yes, he's only 16 but everything he does in public generates major press.  His legions of teen fans swoon at the very mention of his name.  Will they reject his newly coiffed look?  Only time and the media will tell but if I were a beating person I would be putting my money on the continuing rise of The Biebs.

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