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360 Waves Caps

The development of 360 Waves requires lots of time, committment and the right products.

Just like in the hair business, what works for some people definitely will not work for all people. Some shampoos are perfect for dealing with all states of 360 Waves but others are not.

If you're dedicated to using a shampoo designed specifically for 360 Waves check out WaveBuilder Wash In Waves - Wave Saving Shampoo (available at in the Marketplace).

Only you can figure out what works best for you depending on your own goals for your Waves and how much time you want to invest in trying out other products.

Just as everyone in the Waving Game has their own opinions about products, there is different ideas about the best caps to wear.

The caps are a key component of Waving because the proper cap will hold in all that important moisture your waves and scalp need to form deep spinnin waves.

The proper cap will protect your waves from the impact of sleeping an entire night. Think about how you sleep. If you toss and turn, sleeping without a cap will defeat all your hard brushing.

WaveBuilder Seams Wave Rag

Another benefit to wearing a wave cap is that it keeps the pomades or oils in your hair from transferring to your bedclothes or linens. Definitely a key benefit.

Selecting The Best 360 Wave Cap

Traditional durags, (also known as doo-rags) have evolved into specialized versions designed to assist in developing ultra deep 360 Waves. Wave experts recommend wave caps made of high quality nylon or spandex. It is also recommend that you avoid caps with ridges or seams which can imprint upon your carefully developed waves.

Some Wavers prefer wearing traditional stocking caps. These may work for some but if you need a tight fit, it may not work. There are traditional caps that have been worn for years.

However, the latest caps do offer a variety of special features including combo materials. Some of the newer wave caps will combine spandex along the bottom of the cap to help form deeper waves.

The WaveBuilder™ Wave Cap carries the WaveBuilder™ Wave Caps. Why?  This company is on the cutting edge of cap research and production – offering styles and features not found in traditional du-rags and wave caps. The WaveBuilder™ Seamless Wave Rag offers incredible style and the revolutionary benefit of leaving no lines in your hair when using it.

The WaveBuilder™ Wave Cap is a standard stocking cap on top but with spandex on the bottom for extra wave making power. Of course, there are standard durags, stocking caps and wave caps available for the traditionalist. The headgear you choose will serve two roles in the development of your waves; it will help slow the liberation of moisture from your hair and scalp and will protect your waves from the ravaging effects your pillow through a night’s sleep.

Durag Options

Durags come in a wide range of colors and are available in cool mesh, spandex and even had different ties or even visors built into the front.  Durags options have come a long way.

Non-Traditional Wave Caps

Some 360 Wavers have experimented with non-traditional wave caps including cutting up a pair of clean seamless pantyhose and gliding the top over their heads to hold the forming waves tightly. It may look a little strange but it's very cheap and has worked for many. Others experiment with wrapping their waves with Saran or similar plastic wrap. The key is to hold the moisture in and keep the waves in place without adding in a crease or seam pattern.

360 Wavers At was the first website to every develop a community around the 360 Waves topic. To visit this forum stop by and read the many thousands of posts with feedback and personal experiences and contribute your own thoughts on this historic topic.

A lot of other websites have copies us but we are the first, the original and the best HairTalk forum for 360 waves. Other websites are cluttered with bad language and fighting. Our HairTalk is serious 360 Wave info.

Visit the 360 Waves Gallery with amazing images of 360 Waves from our many members.

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