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Hairstyles For 2008 Holidays

Holiday Hairstyles

With less than two weeks left before the Holidays its time to plan for your Holiday Hairstyles.

The good news is that Holiday Hairstyles don't have to break your bank. If you want to conserve the money you might normally spend at the salon on other items, you can still have fabulous Holiday tresses without dropping a ton of cash.

(Image of Holiday Hair 2008 To Side From Paul Mitchell)

Listed below are some easy Holiday Hairstyle ideas for any budget:

1. Change your normal texture.

This is one instant way to change up your hairdo with minimum expense. If your hair's normally worn straight, add big beautiful barrel curls in a snap with hot rollers.

Either pull your hair up into a top knot framed with loose pinned barrel curls or wear your hair in a soft pony near the nape of your neck with barrel curls adorning the length.

Barrel curls are always instyle and can be worn pinned in place or soft and bouncy.

Another great Holiday Hair tip is to modify your hair type. If your hair is fine and thin - pump it up with volume. If your hair is thick and unruly, wear it sleek and flatter.

2. Soften curls

Marcia Cross With Soft Ringlets

If your hair is normally curly, you can either open up tight ringlets and transform them into waves with the use of a long finger diffuser or you can go completely straight with a paddle brush and a blow dryer with a nozzle.

Curly hair can also be transformed by creating a wet set with mega sized rollers that are dried under a hood dryer. Remove the rollers when hair is 100% dry and use fingers to de-construct into softer, loose ringlers.

Note: How To Create Stunning Spiral Curls

3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Big beautiful silk flowers are always in fashion as demonstrated by the Paul Mitchell Holiday Hair 2008 Model shown above. The model is wearing gorgeous soft barrel curls randomly pinned throughout her crown and around her hairline. The luscious red roses pinned to one side and the back are spectacular.

4. Shine & Shimmer

Whether you temporarily change your hair's texture or add gorgeous accessories shiny hair is always dressy hair. If you want to skip any investment in time, work with your normal texture but give it a special finish that amps up the shimmer effect.

If your hair is highlighted or colored, amp up the finish with a product designed to pump up the color. Finish with a shine polish such as a few drops of shine serum or similar.

5. Focus on your Holiday Fashion

One of the biggest fashion/hair mistakes is allowing your hairstyle to compete with your Holiday fashions. Select a gorgeous outfit and let it take center stage.

Opt for wearing hair slicked back into a nape hugging chignon to draw all eyes to your beautiful dress. If you want to dress up even more, tuck a tiny crystal or faux diamond barrette or hairpin to one side of the chignon.

Viola! Your hair will look amazing with minimum time or $$$.

For lots of great Holiday Hairstyle ideas visit the Hairstyle Gallery.

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