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Winter Hair Colors

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Winter Hair Colors

Traditionally, hair colorists have advised their clients to honor the changing of the seasons from Summer to Winter with richer, deeper hair color hues.

Although colorists often tone down lighter colors to achieve more dimension, their advice tracks with their client's natural skin and eye tones, as well as their lifestyles.

Trans-seasonal Hair Color Schemes

In the past, hair consumers would make significant hair color changes according to the seasons. This is no longer the case. Instead, hair color clients are opting for trans-seasonal hair schemes.

What does this mean? While colors trend darker for the Winter, there is no longer a dramatic or drastic transformation. It is more evolutionary which is in keeping with how animals change their coats.

Trendy winter hair colors constantly come and go due in part to the influences of hair color companies. After all, hair color manufacturers need to constantly change up the names of their formulas to encourage ongoing sales of their products. This is why one year you may have eggplant and the next year plum.

Ashley Elmore

If you love adopting all the latest hair colors look to the catwalks for new hue inspiration. Hair color manufacturers often test their latest color trends on the fashion runways.

Listed below are general rules for winter hair colors:

1. When in doubt go darker. Although platinum can be worn all year long, consider toning it down or only keeping the lightest strands around your face.

2. Stay within two to four shades of your natural hair color. If your hair color is dark brown or black, change it up with warmed low lights such as rich caramels, milk chocolates or elegant Merlot.  Fire engine red is more of a Summer color. For Winter opt for a darker auburn or low lights in the maroon or burgundy families.

3. If you really don't want to go darker, opt for carefully placed low lights that will give the darker illusion you went darker without a major overall change. This is also in keeping with a gradual color evolution.

4. If going darker is the best for your current eye and skin tones but you still want some lightness, weave in softer accent colors around your face.

5. Opt for natural colors whenever possible.

6. Remember to select colors that you can afford to maintain. High maintenance hair color can be a drag during Holiday Seasons when salons are overbooked.

Other Winter Hair Color Tips

The trend towards showcasing dark roots is fading. Softer, more natural demarcations, are the current fad It's no longer cool to show off aging highlights and low lights.

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