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Marcia Cross - Back On Melrose Place?

I love watching Ellen on TV (Tivo actually) because the show always has so many amazing tidbits to share.  Frequent Ellen visitor, actress Marcia Cross (Bree Van de Camp Hodge on Desperate Housewives), recently appeared as a guest on Ellen for her Naughty November series.

A clip of Marcia on Desperate Housewives, which Ellen deemed as "one of TV's naughtiest shows", was shown.  As part of Naughty November Ellen asks all of her guests to share the naughtiest thing they ever did.

Marcia, who looked stunning with her long orange red tresses worn silky straight and shiny, rocked tight jeans and knee high boots as she appeared onstage with Madonna's hit song Fever playing in the background.

Marcia congratulated Ellen on her recent marriage and discussed the fact she should probably send a wedding gift since she has been on the show "six times" already.  Ellen laughed and told Marcia that the rule for wedding gifts is for guests who have been on the show at least three times.

The actress shared large screen photos of her two daughters (20 months old) who were dressed up for Halloween as a kitty cat (Savannah) and a monkey (Eden)".   Marcia said they were "so cute".

Marcia reported that on Halloween Night "Savannah had on her kitty cat costume" and her sister Eden, "the little rebel" said she "wanted to wear a cape instead" of her monkey costume.  When she realized her sister was ditching her monkey outfit Savi said "take it off, take it off (kitty cat costume)".  As a result both of the girls wore capes and Marcia called them "supergirls" and they were "supergirls for the night".

Ellen commented about the fact that they changed costumes for the night.  She told Marcia the girls could work Vegas in the future.

Ellen reminded Marcia that the last time she was on she said her daughters were very different.

Marcia agreed that in fact her twin (fraternal) daughters "are very different".  She said her daughter Eden Mahoney is friendly and outgoing.  Eden "would be saying hi hi to the entire audience" and "know all their names" and walk through the audience waving to everyone".

Her other daughter - Savannah Mahoney - whom she calls Savi, "is very quiet, very powerful" and "would want fingerprints and ID before giving you the time of day". Even if she "met you before, Savi would want you to fork it over" and then would see.

Marcia noted the girls "love each other and are crazy for each other".  She said when she watches her daughters together her "heart is melting". It's "the sweetest thing to see how much they love each other."

Ellen asked Marcia to share the naughtiest thing she has ever done.  Marcia said her things are "so naughty" she can't talk about them, especially since she has kids now,  She doesn't want them to find the tape ten years from now and say to their mom "you".

Marcia told Ellen she believes in "keeping crazy in a bottle" as her friend always says.

Ellen told Marcia they had found a clip of her being naughty.  She then showed a very old tape of Marcia being naughty with a security guard on the defunct soap opera, Edge of Night.  Marcia was laughing and obviously embarrassed.  After watching the clip Marcia said "what a little vixen I was".   Ellen asked Marcia if she remembered the episode on Edge of Night and Marcia replied she "didn't remember the clip" and she "forgot how to do that" (be naughty).

Ironically, even though Marcia had red colored hair in the Edge of Night clip, her hair was much darker than the current orange red and her hair was much shorter than it is now.  Marcia actually looks much better now than she did back then.

When asked how the TV series was going, Marcia said Desperate Housewives is doing well.  She reported "everyone was very concerned about leaping ahead five years in time but it has turned out well.

Marcia said the show is great because "there's more mystery", and questions about why the characters are at certain places.  "It adds some variety.  It's working".  Ellen's audience agreed.

Marcia  knocked on wood and said "thank god Marc Cherry has it going on so that we all still have a job".

Ellen asked Marcia what she thought about the return of Melrose Place to TV.  Ellen asked if Marcia would play her famous character Kimberly Shaw (Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini) again?

Marcia laughed and said "unless Kimberly Shaw was abducted by aliens and brought back in a spaceship, there would be nothing let to do."  Marcia said that everything that could possibly be done with the Kimberly Shaw character had already been done.

Knowing how TV shows go, who knows.  Maybe Marcia will return as Kimberly Shaw, even if just in a cameo.  Afterall, for the final season of ER many of the original cast members are returning for brief reprisals of their original roles.

What do you think?  Should Marcia return to Melrose Place, even if just for a cameo?

For more information about Marcia Cross read the article about her hair at:

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