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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Returns To TV

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (born October 3, 1984)  is no stranger to acting on television.  For those with short memory spans, Ashlee, who was just Simpson then (2002), co-starred on the beloved WB/CW show 7th Heaven.  At the time she appeared on the show as Cecilia Smith, Ashlee was very blonde with hair that ranged from medium to a little bit longer.

(Image of Ashlee Simpson From The WB's 7th Heaven 2002-2004 - The WB - All Rights Reserved).

Things Have Changed For Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Some things have changed since Ashlee had her breakout role on 7th Heaven some seven years ago (2002-2004).  The actress, songwriter, performer has changed her hair color multiple times morphing from her 7th Heaven beach blonde to dark chocolate, light chocolate, platinum blonde and Merlot red.

Ashlee also has appeared on her own and her sister's reality TV shows, had some controversial plastic surgery, married and had a beautiful son.

Some Things Haven't Changed

Other things which haven't changed?  Ashlee is still a very staunch supporter of big sister Jess, she still works with Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves and flew to Las Vegas last month for the opening of his 3rd salon (in Las Vegas) and she still appears to be somewhat private about her hair.

Ashlee Returning To TV

Ashlee is returning to her TV roots. She and her husband, Pete Wentz will guest star on an upcoming CSI:NY on March 18th.  Don't forget to set your TIVOs if you're fans.  It was also recently announced that the singer-actress has been tapped as a lead on the CW's "Melrose" update, returning to series television seven years after landing her breakthrough role on the WB's "7th Heaven."

On the CBS Par-produced "Melrose," Simpson-Wentz will play Melrose Place's newest resident, Violet, a bright-eyed but shrewd small-town girl and recent L.A. transplant who has come to town with a secret. Her character draws parallels to the original series' blond, budding-Southern-belle starlet, Sandy Harling (Amy Locane).  On the new "Melrose," Simpson-Wentz joins the previously cast Michael Rady and Katie Cassidy.

Questions About Ashlee

Now that is has been announced that Ashlee is returning to acting in a series, there are more questions.  Will Ashlee dye her hair for her role as Violet?  Or will she keep her hair its current darker shade?  Also, will she use the acting platform as a foundation to do some singing or musical performances on the show?

Even more importantly, how will the show do?  Many TV critics are doubtful that Melrose Place can be resurrected but then they said the same thing about 90210.  I guess only time will tell.  Stay tuned.

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