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Ashlee Simpson Goes Platinum Blonde - Again

As reported by Us Magazine, Ashlee Simpson Wentz was spotted on January 27th leaving the famed Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood with newly bleached platinum blonde tresses which took 3 hours to create.

Ashlee recently caused a media buzz with her newly shorn pixie haircut which reportedly was inspired by her hubby Pete Wentz.

(Ashlee in 2011 in stripped gold shirt and dark glasses and in 2005 in blue)

This is not the first time that Ash has gone the platinum route.  The photo on the right shows Ashlee with platinum blonde tresses back in 2005 when she famously went through a hair color journey which involved transitioning through a range of hair colors from white white to raven black.

At the time of her famous hair color transformations in 2005 Ashlee was working with famous hair colorist Rita Hazan in New York although at one point the media buzzed about Ashlee's revelation that she had applied home hair color for one of her darker hue changes.

Obviously the platinum blonde she showcased in 2005 was professionally created. My question is which of the amazing colorists on staff at Andy Lecompte created the gorgeous white blonde hue for Ashlee?

If you're going to go platinum like Ash did, having super short hair is the best length of hair to have because there is much less risk of damage from bleaching.

(Ashlee Simpson with raven black bob hairstyle on the left and with red hair on the right - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Although Mrs. Pete Wentz has been somewhat quiet since her last performance on Broadway, she is reportedly working on a new album which is said to have more of a folksy feel to it.

During her platinum years Ashlee seemed to enjoy a lot of success in her career.

Maybe going back to her former white blonde will prove to be a great decision.  I hope so because I enjoyed Ashlee's CDs and her performances.  Of course I will admit to being a big fan of the Simpson clan having meet a lot of them.  Contrary to what the media may say, they are all really good people.

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