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Ken Paves & The Paparrazi Smash Up

As it has been widely reported, celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves was involved in an altercation with the paparazzi (paps) last weekend (November 1st) that left him with a cut on his head.  The cut required some stitches.

Ken was bombarded with messages from those who were concerned about him after hearing about the incident.

In typical Ken Paves fashion, he expressed appreciation and gratitude to all who sent him well wishes.  He released a statement to the media via Access Hollywood's Billy Bush in which he said: “I appreciate everyone who has expressed concern after the incident which occurred outside of Madeo restaurant Saturday evening."

As it was previously reported on, Ken was leaving Madeo with his longtime client and friend, Jessica Simpson,  when they were swarmed by a group of paps.  In the crush that followed, Ken was allegedly hit near his eye with one of the camera's.

After Jessica, Ken and the rest of their party made it to their car, the driver took Ken and the rest of the group to   the emergency room.  Ken in his follow-up statement let everyone know that he is fine.

Ken also was quoted as saying the following: “While I did not expect a dinner out with friends would end up with me in the emergency room and nine stitches in my head, I am fine,” his statement continued. “My only real concern on Saturday night, and it remains so in retrospect, was for the safety of my friend and all concerned.”

Ken has requested that the paparazzi "exercise more care in the future to avoid such instances happening again".

He said “I understand everyone has a job to do, including paparazzi. If I were to say anything about Saturday night, it is only to encourage that everyone would respect and care for the safety of others above all else,”

What all of the current reports don't include is the fact that Ken has had ongoing challenges with the paparrazi for many years.  The only difference to this incident was the fact that he was hurt in the scuffle.  When I visited Ken's Hollywood Salon a few years back I sat in a chair right inside the window and watched packs of paparrazi trolling back and forth in front of the salon hoping to catch a glimpse of Ken, Jessica or his famous "girls".  Ken has also been involved in high speed chases in the past where he was concerned about his safety and those of his celeb clients.

It is not surprising that Ken would be so gracious and understanding in his statements to the media about the incident.  He is truly a nice guy and only concerned for the safety of Jessica and his other famous clients.

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