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Bachelorlette DeAnna Pappas Goes Into Final Two

I'm a glass is half full person. One of my biggest challenges as a businessperson is that I tend to always look for the good in every situation. While that's a great trait for a Ms. Goody Two Shoes, it has gotten me into trouble throughout the years, when my trust has been shattered.

That doesn't mean I'm bitter. Nope. It just means that after each torching, I'm a lot more cautious. While I'm still a trusting person, I now have a series of checks and balances (bulldog attorneys & burly bodyguards) to keep me from getting as easily burned in the future.

My inborn optimism makes me one of those people that believes in Happily Ever After, True Love, Love At First Sight and Love Conquers All as well as similar cliches. Which of course all ties in with why I love ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette reality shows.

Yes I know that only one couple actually made it to the altar. Of course I watched Trista's wedding. I also love all the juice on previous bachelors and bachelorettes who behave badly after they leave the watchful eye of the ABC camera crews. Having managed to be in a few long term couplings in this lifetime I totally get how hard love and relationships are when they happen in the "real world".

As a result, probably more than any other Bachelor or Bachelorette season I have really enjoyed the current Bachelorlette DeAnna Pappas. DeAnna seems very geniune. Maybe because she got her heart broken by a previous bachelor - Brad Womack - DeAnna seems to be approaching each connection with extra care and compassion. She appears to be very honest and forthcoming about what she wants from a guy.

Will DeAnna make a love connection that lasts like Trista Rehn's? It's hard to know but she has navigated some very scary waters. At this point she has two great candidates although neither is perfect.

I have to admit I was shocked that she sent the two most recent bachelors packing. She had an obvious physical connection with Bachelor Graham who was indeed "smoking hot" as DeAnna put it. I also was amazed when she dumped Bachelor Jeremy, the handsome guy from Dallas. He was the most hated bachelor in the house but he seemed to be clear about his priorities which was to get to know DeAnna and he seemed to have geniune feelings for De. The endings with Graham and Jeremy were so real it was actually heartbreaking.

The two remaining bachelors (Jason & Jesse) are both great picks although as a woman who has struggled in the past with men who had children from previous relationships, I probably would have been very reticent about selecting a man (Jason) with a young child. Not that there is anything wrong with men with children, just my experiences have been very challenging in that arena.

While Jason has very kind eyes and seems like a great guy, I am pulling for Jesse. Not only does he have great and noteworthy long hair, he is fun and appears to be very sincere. He also was wise about his approach. He let De, as he calls her, know he wanted to be friends first, letting the relationship grow from a solid base. Bravo to Jesse.  His family was also very warm and loving.  Not to mention how romantic and fun Jesse can be.

The great loves I have been privileged to enjoy in this lifetime have all started as friendships that blossomed into a special relationship.  Love at first sight can be heady but if you can't be friends, the headiness soon disappears.

Next week is the show's final episode.  Will DeAnna pick Jesse or Jason?  Of course I hope she goes with Jesse but anything can happen.  I never thought Jeremy wouldn't be in the final two so I am completely unsure of who she will select.  All I hope is that it is a true love connection and lasts longer than a few weeks after the show is over.

Kudos to DeAnna Pappas.  You are a class act.

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