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Fashion Fit Formula - The Perfect Solution - Helping Women Find Clothes That Fit

Introducing Twitter – the Perfect Solution for Eliminating “Closet Guilt” and Always Looking Stylish

Fashion icon Coco Chanel once said, "fashion is architecture: it's a matter of proportions." This statement has remained relevant for decades, with fashion trends ranging from the conservative to avant-garde.

One thing that has remained constant for women throughout history is the struggle of finding clothes that fit right. Women end up purchasing vast amounts of clothing, always in search of the "perfect" outfit - what they end up with, is a closet full of clothes they don't feel comfortable in - and a closet full of guilt.

The issue of finding clothing that fits does not discriminate - all women, from petite to plus-sized, end up unhappy with their clothing choices. Now, a solution has emerged for women who want to end closet guilt and start feeling confident about what they are wearing: Fashion Fit Formula - a genius idea, created by women, for women.

According to Janet Wood, CEO of Fashion Fit Formula, "women have engaged in an uphill battle to find clothes that fit for centuries - and have endured frustration, embarrassment and general helplessness when they shop for garments that will be flattering on their body type.

The problem, says Janet, is not the clothes women are purchasing, but rather how the clothes fit each individual woman. "You could have two women that are both five-four and wear the same size clothing - based on their bone structure the perfect hemlines for jackets, shirts, capris, shorts, coats, dresses, sleeves and necklines can be drastically different."

The Fashion Fit Formula is introducing a revolutionary new way to make every item of clothing in your closet look great - armed with a personalized Fashion Fit Formula, women can take the clothes they never wear and have it altered to become flattering and well-fitted.

Fashion Fit Formula President Kathy McFadden says, "The Fashion Fit Formula solution has been life-changing for women who spent years searching for their ‘perfect outfit,' always to come up short. It can create a sense of confidence and pride that simply cannot be bought off the rack."

What is the Fashion Fit Formula?

Off the rack clothing is typically not "ready to wear" because everyone's bone structure is uniquely different. Most women are aware that a majority of their clothing needs to be altered to achieve the right look for them.

Tailors are thrilled when women bring them their specific linear measurements. It eliminates the guess work and cuts their fitting time significantly. "While most women are afraid of alteration charges if you consider the cost the outfit unworn it is "penny wise and pound foolish" to let that garment hang unworn in your closet. The most expensive out you have is the one that you don't wear," says Kathy.

With this thought in mind, the Fashion Fit Formula was invented over 40 years ago by CEO Janet Wood. Janet discovered by taking Leonardo Da Vinci's perfect proportion, determining the deviant per bone and using algorithms to factor the Fibonacci Universal Proportion it is possible to define to 1/8 of an inch, the exact measurements of jacket lengths, skirt lengths, shorts, capris, coats, neckline, adjusted waistline and sleeve lengths to create the illusion of perfect balance.

How Does the Fashion Fit Formula Work?

Using the Fashion Fit Formula system is simple: either contact an Independent Partner via the web site or follow the easy self measurement instructions. Enter the data into the Fashion Fit Formula web site.

Step One

Fashion Fit Formula takes 12 vertical measurements of your bone structure

Top of Head



Base of Neck

Breast Bone



Wrist Bone

Leg/Torso Joint

Middle Knuckle of 3rd Finger


Ankle Bone

Step Two

Fashion Fit Formula proprietary software computes your unique solution to create the illusion of balance.

Step Three

Use your Fashion Fit Formula solution to shop for new clothes or to alter your existing wardrobe

About Fashion Fit Formula

Fashion Fit Formula, a Pivotal Edge, Inc. Company, was founded in 2003 by Janet Wood, CEO, and Kathy McFadden, President.  The Fashion Fit Formula is dedicated to helping women around the world look and feel better about their appearance.

The company has been designed and built for a global market. The company provides a service that will show women exactly where their clothes should fit based on a revolutionary mathematical formula.

Janet Wood invented the mathematical clothing formula over 40 years ago, and has used it to transform the wardrobe of thousands of women. Ms. Wood retired from her professional career and turned a hobby into a business.

An accomplished seamstress, Ms. Wood is experienced in pattern design, professional fitting and sewing for people with disabilities.

Kathy McFadden spent 26 years in the construction trade association business. From 1985 to 1989 she held the position as Executive Director of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas, followed by fourteen years as Executive Vice President of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington until July 2003.

After experiences results of Janet's formula she knew that this formula had to be taken to the world to help other women. Both women have had very successful careers in historically male dominated industries. Throughout their careers, they have helped other women obtain their career goals.

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