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New Beauty Tool - Wash Your Face Without Getting Soaked

For years, women and men everywhere have all suffered same problem while washing their faces at night.

Water everywhere! Down our arms, on the counter, on the floor- you name it.

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Now, there's a new solution taking the clean up out of simple face cleaning.

ON THE CUFFTM fits like a tight absorbent bracelet that you slide around both wrists; stopping water where it starts.

This eliminates the need to clean up counters, floors, and yourself!


ON THE CUFFTM, the perfect solution to stop water from running down your arms and when?

Washing your face

Rinsing the dishes

Washing the car

Cleaning shower tiles.....and so much more!

ON THE CUFFTM - the "one size fits all" design is easy to use and comfortable to wear.   Perfect for both women and men.  The unique stretch material of the cuffs allows you to slip onto your wrists without tearing.   Requires snug fit, push cuffs up your arm to tighten if needed.

If cuffs get heavily soiled rinse with warm soapy water, squeeze out excess water and allow to dry.

Say goodbye to one of life's most annoying problems! ON THE CUFFTM - Keeps You Dry!   On the Cuff comes in packs of 2 or 4.

Check it out at

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