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Gerard Yosca Accessories

Gerard Yosca Cuff With Daisy Motif"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." - Coco Chanel

Coco's quote is a great way to describe Gerard Yosca's accessory designs.  I remembered this quote when I was stopped a few days ago and asked about one of my favorite cuffs (shown to the side), which just happens to be a Gerard Yosca (GY) design.  (Image of Gerard Yosca Key Lime Cuff with Yellow and Blue Daisy).  

Yes, I often buy doubles and triples of items that I am buying for the Marketplace so that I can then send a list of what I want to my friends and family when they ask about my birthday or Christmas.

Gerard Yosca Cuff On Gold MetalAnd yes...I always wear the products that I recommend.  I could babble on about Gerard and how wonderful he is but instead you can read about him at: Gerard Yosca - Famous Designer or Gerard Yosca - Accessory Maestro.  (Image of Gerard Yosca Cuff ).  

I recently wrote about Gerard on a recent Blog and how his designs always gave me "the tingles". 

What I love most about Gerard and his designs is that they are indeed, like Coco said, timeless styles that never ever fade.  No matter how many times I wear my favorite cuffs, they still work with everything and remain a constant fashion statement.

Kudos to Gerard for his many years of success in the accessory design world.  Like me and, Gerard started his business on a shoestring and often had to make all his own molds himself because he could not afford the price or having a mold maker.  He told me this himself and it resulted in me respecting him even more. 

The fact that Gerard is now considered one of the premiere accessory designers in the US is such an inspiration.  Hopefully someday's karma will be he same as Gerard's.  He has worked very hard along with his wife Susan to make his design business a huge success and he deserves it all.

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