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Wavy Hair Tips From LA Celebrity Hairdresser Allen Edwardso

Kate Hudson With Blonde Beachy Waves Kate Hudson With Blonde Beachy Waves

Wavy Hair Tips From LA Celebrity Hairdresser Allen Edwards

Wavy hair is always in regardless of the season.  Wavy hair can be soft and sexy or finished and elegant.  Wave infused hairstyles incorporate an effortless beauty.

Get the look that's grabbing everyone's attention by following Allen Edwards's tips for wavy hair.

Allen is a Los Angeles hair stylist who is responsible for the Farrah Fawcett hairdo and the mane's of some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.

Wavy Hair Tips

Tip #1: Do not bend your head over at the waist, when styling it to achieve curly or wavy hair.  Although this was the practice back in the 80s it is no longer the best technique.

This practice was originally designed to amp up the roots and build in volume.  When the goal is to create waves or curls, bending over at the waist will disrupt the curl texture.

Tip #2: Buy a quality long finger diffuser.  When it comes to creating great waves it's important to use the very best hair tools available.

Lightly dry your tresses.  Minimize the use of your fingers and/or hands when drying since this can add extra frizz.



Farrah Fawcett Farrah Fawcett



Tip #3: Product use and selection is highly important. Look for hair styling products which are designed to work specifically curly or wavy hair.

Tip#4: For naturally straight hair, you'll need a thick, fat curling iron to help incorporate waves into the hair.

Consider using a thick pomade. This type of hair product will help add more of a grungy feeling to hair and give it that "not so finished" casual look.

Allen Edward's Hair History

Allen has been part of hair history.  Although three celebrity stylists (Allen Edwards, Hugh York and Jose Eber)  took claim to fathering Farrah Fawcett's famous tousled long hair Angel hairstyle, it was really Allen who was the true father of the hairstyle.

Farrah Fawcett Farrah Fawcett

The famous hairstylist even has the photos to prove it.

Allen has explained to the media that since Farrah was a long time hair client and friend of Eber's, she wanted him to have rights to the world famous hairstyle.

Allen graciously agreed to Farrah's request, but those in the know are aware that he was the originator of the hairstyle which is still popular so many years later.

The celebrity hairstylist explained that the hairstyle was so popular because it was one of the first to really open up the face and was the first really creative hairstyle for women.  Women adored the hairstyle and flocked to salons around the world to re-create the style.

For more hair tips on what is hot this season, visit Allen Edwards at any of his four Allen Edwards Salon and Day Spas in Irvine, Brentwood, Studio City, and Woodland Hills.

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