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Hair Extension Extend Tubes Problems


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Dear Karen,

I recently had hair extensions put in and they hurt.  They put in the ones with a type of metal tube on the end.

They told me at the salon that they are called {{asin=B0056LP7C4,text=Strand-by-Strand}} Extend Tubes?

Immediately after I got home with my extensions they started falling out.

I've had them repaired twice. Now there is only a handful left.

I was told they put 150-200 extensions into my hair. I have 86 left.  How is this possible

I am going back on Wednesday to get them to work on the extensions again.Believe me I have done what I was supposed to.

I feel I paid way too much money not to maintain them exactly as they told me to and for so many to fall out so quickly.

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Last time they argued with me about how much leave-in conditioner I was supposed to use. I was using exactly what they said to use.

They have been on the edge of rude.  I am not looking forward to my appointment on Wednesday.

If there is any advice,  that you can give me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I thank you in advance for any help that you can give me.

Thank You,



Strand-by-Strand Extend Tubes hair extensions are small metal cylinder tubes which lie close to the scalp.

They can be painful to attach, may trigger allergies to metal and if not properly applied can fall out rapidly, regardless of the at-home care program you follow.

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While it's important to follow the care suggestions of your expansionist, there are other reasons your add-on hair is shedding so quickly.

Of course whenever hair extensions aren't applied properly, they may fall out much faster than average.

To answer your question you have the following options with regard to your current situations:

1.  Call the salon where you had the hair extensions applied and ask if you can start your Wednesday appointment with a short consultation to discuss your current options before you go through any maintenance on your remaining extensions.

2.  At the consultation request.s the salon manager or owner sit in with you when you discuss your current situation.  If the manager or owner is unavailable, ask for a supervisor or another extension expert.

3.  During the pre-hair extension meeting:

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- Explain your disappointment with how fast your extensions appear to be shedding.

- Politely express your concern with the longevity of the remaining strands.

- Ask what your options are in order to extend the life of your remaining extensions.

- Request a list of all the possible options at this point in your hair extension cycle.  Ask for the associated costs.

If possible, take notes from the meeting including the names of the salon representatives, what they discussed with you regarding your hair extensions and what your potential options include.

4.  Once you have more information you can make better choices regarding your current hair extension maintenance program.

If you don't feel you're receiving good answers to your questions regarding how to minimize  ongoing expenses and accelerated shedding, you can discontinue your relationship with the salon.

You always have the option to search for a hair extension specialist who can assist you with either taking out the extensions or add more to your existing strands.

Not everyone responds equally well to every type of hair extensions attachment system.  It's possible an alternative attachment methodology and/or tool would offer you a better long term experience.

Good luck to you.


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