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WiseWays Herbals Beautiful Belly Balm


WiseWays Herbals Beautiful Belly Balm was specifically formulated as a natural moisturizing creme for to help prevent and heal stretch marks for pregnant women. However, I found that it works perfectly well for those of us who are not pregnant! It’s also excellent for dry skin.

They’re not kidding when they say that this balm helps stretch marks. I have a couple of stretch marks I’ve been anointing over the years with Vitamin E oil, plus a small surgical scar. In two weeks’ time using the balm, I see a dramatic difference in both stretch marks and the scar. I’m not saying that they will completely disappear, but they are much less noticeable than they were two weeks ago.


Oils of sesame, coconut, carnation, and lavender, cocoa butter, olive oil extracts of comfrey, calendula, and sage leaf, vitamin E, lanolin, beeswax, manzanita flower essence, and garnet *gem essence.

About *Gem Essences

In case you’re curious about gem essences (I was), here’s what I found out about them. Gem essences are made by a process that combines high vibrational gems and minerals with pure water. The energetic qualities of these gems and minerals are infused into the water, making the many gifts of the minerals themselves more accessible.

The garnet gem essence used in the balm provides a calming and soothing influence. It anchors energy, focus, and consciousness, and helps you have a softer and more intimate relationship with your surroundings, and helps bring more earth energy through the feet and into the lower chakras.


WiseWays Herbals Beautiful Belly Balm is simply and beautifully packaged in a clear glass jar, with the WiseWays purple-printed light blue label featuring a side view drawing of a pregnant woman. (See photo at top of the page).


The scent of the balm is heavenly! You can smell the manzanita above the other herbs, and it is both soothing and fresh.

Using WiseWays Herbals Beautiful Belly Balm

You can use the belly balm just for your pregnant belly to help prevent stretch marks, and relieve the ones you already have. You can also use it on rough places like knees, elbows, and heels. The medicinal effect is wonderful! It does tend to be greasy, so rub it in well—especially on your feet! It’s a good idea to put slippers on immediately so you won’t slip. Try what I did, too—I rubbed it into my hands, and wore gloves to bed. In the morning, my hands felt like gorgeous silk, and looked beautiful!


WiseWays Herbals Beautiful Belly Balm is great for stretch marks and rough spots. Additionally, the fresh scent is very relaxing, and puts you in a great state of mind.

Jane’s Rating

On my own scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give WiseWays Herbals Beautiful Belly Balm an 8.

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