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Red Haired Alyson Hannigan Flaunts Belly On Ellen

Ellen Degeneres was having a huge Superbowl celebration on her January 30th show.  One of her guest's was the beautiful red haired Alyson Hannigan (born March 24, 1974) who currently stars as Lily Aldrin on CBS' How I Met Your Mother.

Alyson is well-known for her long run as the red haired Willow Rosenberg on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for her guest roles on Angel and Veronica Mars.  She also played flautist Michelle Flaherty-Levenstein in all three American Pie films.

(Image of Alyson Hannigan with husband Alexis Denisof at An Evening with the Cast of 'How I Met Your Mother' - 1-27-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Alyson announced in October of 2008 she would be giving birth in the Spring of 2009 without giving an exact due date.

Before she appeared on stage Ellen showed two clips from 'How I Met Your Mother' where Alyson as Lily was first in a bar with her husband and her pregnancy was hidden.  Then a second clip was showed where Lily was eating lots of hot dogs in a hot dog eating contest and stood up to show her belly, as a form of a teaser.  The actor playing the hotdog eating contest judge said we have a new champion with 29 hotdogs "Lilly the belly" Aldrin.

The normally red haired star, whose hair has been darker since her pregnancy, then appeared on Ellen wearing a sleeveless long flowing dress which showcased her very well developed pregnancy.  After Alyson danced her way onto the stage showing off her large belly by rubbing it and outlining it as she danced, Ellen who touched her stomach said "wow  you look pregnant."

(Image of Alyson Hannigan at An Evening with the Cast of 'How I Met Your Mother' - 1-27-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Alyson laughed and said "no, no, not at all.  It must be the dress."  Then she said "I'm very pregnant, I'm due in the Spring".  Ellen said "uh huh.  Alyson echoed back "uh huh."  Ellen asked the Spring "like April"?  Alyson teased "is that a Spring month?" Ellen kept asking, May..June and Alyson kept saying "is that the Spring?" Ellen mumbled "I don't know?"

Ellen and Alyson obviously had a good time together.  Alyson was laughing and Ellen was teasing the actress trying to find out if she was having a boy or a girl.

Alyson joked "December.  No.  Yeah. It's approaching."  Ellen asked "how are you doing?  You're working still?"

"I am, I am" Alyson replied.  Then Ellen said "and they're not trying to hide it?"  Alyson said "well in that clip in the bar (which Ellen showed) they were trying to hide it (her pregnancy),  but In the eating contest they showed my belly."

Ellen asked "and how is it?  Are you OK working?"

Pregnancy Brain Syndrome

Alyson said "I get tired a lot and I have pregnancy brain which I never realized was a thing, but it is. And uh I sorta feel like a Koala bear where I'm slightly stoned all the time.  And its like huh? ooh? And I'll say the wrong words - good luck with this".

(Image of Alyson Hannigan at An Evening with the Cast of 'How I Met Your Mother' - 1-27-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen said "I'm not pregnant but I have that brain too.  That's alright.  I don't have an excuse".

Boy Or Girl For Alyson?

Ellen asked "now is it a boy or girl?"  Alyson said "it's one of those, yeah".

The hostess said "its one of those" asked "so you've narrowed it down?  Alright. Do you know what it is?  You're just not telling?"

The red haired actress said "we do, we're just not announcing to the world".

Ellen pushed "you don't want us to know until it comes out?"  Alyson hesitated "I don't know, yeah. It seems a little..."

Naming The Baby Ellen Degeneres

The hostess continued "do you have his name picked out yet?"  Alyson laughed and coyly said "we're going for - depending on the gender - probably Ellen DeGeneres." An obviously delighted Ellen said "that's great."  Alyson said "I figured you know if you give the full name it could be either gender" and the funny lady said "yeah do with the full name".

Ellen offered her cute little baby sleepers, one in pink and one in blue.  She held them up showing them to Alyson and said "do you want this one?".  Then she asked the actress which she wanted, "the blue or the pink"?

Alyson said "that's cute and that's cute too" when Ellen held up the pink and the blue baby clothes. Continuing to play along with Ellen the actress said "Tricky.  Hmmmm. Maybe I'll think about it."

Pregnancy Cravings

"Ellen asked Alyson if she had "any interesting cravings?"  The actress laughed and said "Yes, Ginger Ale. Yes, big time. I didn't drink soda before. And suddenly it was "I need a Ginger Ale" which she said in a deep and funny voice.  Then she said to Ellen and the audience "that was the voice that tells me what I need."

The actress continued to explain about her pregnancy cravings "and surprisingly my mother craved Ginger Ale  when she was pregnant with me as well".  Ellen brightened and said isn't that interesting maybe its a girl?"  Alyson laughed and pointed her finger at the hostess and said "you're very sneaky".

Ellen said "we have a hat for you to help you because I don't want you carrying anything heavy but I know you like Ginger Ale so"...and she brought out a football helmet with two Ginger Ales mounted on either side.  Alyson was delighted and said "awesome.  Thank you".

Ellen told her it was pretty heavy and so "you don't have to put it on right now".  Alyson continued to thank the funny hostess and said "that's wonderful.  OK.  Thank you. It will come in handy on Sunday. Yeah".

Continuing to try and pry the baby's sex out of Alyson the hostess asked "will you let him play football though? Will that be too rough for him?"  Pausing and smiling Alyson replied "football seems like a very dangerous sport for either gender".

Ellen continued "what if she's really talented like a dancer or something?"  Alyson said when I was young "I played soccer, I loved soccer. Yeah. And that's football in England".  The funny lady deadpanned "it sure it. You're right".  Then she laughed and said to Alyson in reference to the pregnancy brain comment earlier in the chat "there's nothing wrong with your brain".

The Superbowl Prediction

Ellen changed the topic and asked the actress "who do you think is going to win the Superbowl?"

Alyson and Ellen chatted a bit about the two teams, Arizona and Pittsburgh.  The actress was hilarious describing how she picks which team to root for. She said she "waits until the playoffs to really get on board with who she will root for in the Superbowl".  She said she's "one of those people".

She explained to Ellen "it's a whole big process. I don't know.  It's a lot of pressure. I have a very good track record for picking who wins".

She told Ellen she had quite a process for picking who to root for depending on what state the teams were from, the color of their jerseys and even the weather.  She pointed out she felt bad for the people in Pittsburgh because it got so cold there in the winter but then again, it gets pretty hot in Arizona in the summer.

She told Ellen being pregnant seemed to impact her ability to predict. She said "so its a lot of pressure with the pregnancy my whole radar could be off.

Predicting Who The Bachelor Will Pick

Ellen asked Alyson to direct her new pregnancy radar to the current season of ABC's The Bachelor to figure out who the current Bachelor, Jason, would pick. Ellen asked Alyson if she watched the show?  Alyson said "I do, I do".

The actress agreed with Ellen she is addicted to the show and she told Ellen "luckily with the pregnancy I suckered my husband into watching it with me".  Ellen asked "is your husband into it?"  Alyson said "he is, he is".  Ellen and Alyson agreed people just don't understand how the show sucks you in.

Alyson pointed out "they are very smart and they pick people you already care about".  She was referring to the fact the current Bachelor Jason was on the last season of The Bachelorette.

Alyson told Ellen she thinks "Jason will pick Molly".  Alyson said "I don't know, I think Molly.  I think Molly because in the clip for next week" he looks at the remaining women and says "one of you is going to be my wife. And he looked right at Molly".  Ellen agreed but said "it could be editing" and he might not actually be looking at Molly.

They discussed the fact that every week Jason looks at the remaining women and says "one of you is going to be my wife".  Alyson said she was really duped in last season because she thought Jason would be picked but he wasn't.

Alyson said she also noticed "the producers are starting to not show Jillian as much. So she could be the Dark Horse.  When they don't show a contestant" much "it could be them".

Ellen teased Alyson at that point and asked "would you let your daughter be on the Bachelor?"  Alyson made a face at Ellen and laughed.  She said "I doubt the show would be on that long".  Ellen said, you never know.  It could go on for many seasons.

Hiding Alyson's Pregnancy On How I Met Your Mother

At that point Ellen got back to the fact the show - How I Met Your Mother - was doing a great job of disguising Alyson's pregnancy on the show.  Alyson agreed and said the show had "a lot of props. Yes, Big bowls of chips, lots of big bags, surfboards snowboard."

Ellen said to Alyson "I'm going to make a prediction it's a boy"  Alyson replied "Oh really.  OK".  She still would not tell Ellen if it was going to be a boy or girl.

Ellen congratulated Alyson on her pregnancy and on the show, which is doing very well.  Alyson's appearance, which was quite long for a regular Ellen guest, was over.

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