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Viviscal: Faster Hair Growth From Europe!


Viviscal, known in many circles as "the miracle-mane pill" has been proven to assist in the development of thicker, stronger, healthier hair. This potent pill was developed in Europe to stimulate rapid hair growth on the heads of men and women. Cosmopolitan magazine reported that Viviscal was used by supermodels in Europe to crank up their hair growth speed to as much as 1 1/2 inches per month. Although the average person may not see that much growth, many people report substantial accelerated hair growth when using the Viviscal program for several months.

Viviscal: The Product

Viviscal is an extract mixture of marine protein formulated to promote healthy hair and hair growth. The active ingredents are all of natural origin. Viviscal is classified as a food or nutirional supplement. Viviscal was launched in Finland in October 1992 and within three months it topped the leading 25 natural health products list and still continues to be the best selling health product (Source: The Swedish Medicine and Health Publication "Medicin och halsa" No. 1:93). In 1995 Viviscal was selected "The Product of the Year" by the Health Food Association.

Viviscal is totally natural and completely safe. Its main ingredients are derived from fish. Persons allergic to fish and fish products should exercise caution and consult their physician before taking Viviscal.

Viviscal Solves Hair Problems Naturally

For a long time, science has been searching for an effective remedy for thinning hair. After a decade of research and testing, a team of Finnish scientists and dermatologists headed by Dr. Allan Lassus have successfully developed a breakthrough natural product called Viviscal, effective in stimulating the scalp to new hair growth through nourishment. Viviscal has been extensively tested both for its efficacy and safety. Clinical studies have been performed and published in Europe and Latin America. The key ingredient is an extract mixture of marine origin. This is blended with other ingredients to make a unique food supplement with positive synergistic effects on the health of the hair.

Exceptional Results For Women

As Viviscal's use increased in hair clinic and salons across Europe, other benefits became evident. Women with relatively normal or average hair achieved unexpected but welcomed results. In addition to stronger, thicker, fuller hair, most women experienced an accelerated hair growth of up to one and one half inches per month. Positive results were also evident with eyebrows, eyelashes and especially nails which become stronger and grow longer, faster.

The Fashion Media And Viviscal

Viviscal's hair benefits were confirmed and repeated by the top hair clinics and salons in Europe. Many famous European Supermodels embraced Viviscal, since their profession frequently requires fast changes in their hair styles. Upon the discovery of the supermodel use, Viviscal was enthusiastically reported and praised in the major fashion media prompting Cosmopolitan to name Viviscal, the "Revolutionary Hair Pills" and the "Miracle Mane Pill". While Allure called it "The Hair Secret of the European Supermodels".

Will Viviscal Work For My Hair?

It is just incredible that a pill so small can have such powerful results. Viviscal works on all types of hair and for men and women of all ehtnic backgrounds. It works on red, blond, brunette, curly or straight hair. It works to repair dull, dry, fine and chemically treated hair. Best of all it works for normal, average hair. Individual results will vary. Most women can expect to experience fuller, stronger, healthier hair with accompanying root lift. Above all, most will experience faster hair growth of up to one and one half inches.

Results may depend on the hair growth pattern and condition prior to taking Viviscal as part of their hair care program. Many respond quickly, some as fast as three to four weeks. One should maintain a dosage of two tablets per day for the first two to three months and then adjust accordingly to one tablet per day.

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