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Vanessa Marcil - Las Vegas Hairstyles


Image of L-R Tom Selleck, Molly Sims, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil & James Lesure NBC Las Vegas 2007 - 2008

In a case of life imitating fiction, Vanessa Marcil has also had a hard life but has risen above life on the mean streets of Indio, California.

Vanessa's early life included exposure to drugs, drinking and a stint in juvenile hall. In spite of her life on the mean streets she managed to achieve great success as an actress.

During her wildly popular run on the NBC TV show Las Vegas, Vanessa Marcil was able to show off a series of sensuous hairstyles befitting her role as the sassy Samantha "Sam" Jane.

The show went through a series of changes during the course of its history including the departure or some of the original players. Even more stunning was when the core character of the show left and was replaced in 2007 by formed Magnum PI star, Tom Selleck.

Although the show was struggling, fans were hoping that the show would continue on with ratings slowly building in support of Tom.

Sadly, the Fall 2007 Writer's Strike knocked out the show before it had time to build support for the newly revised cast. Recently NBC announced that the show would not return for the remainder of the 2008 Season. It has been cancelled. Fans are upset because several of the key plots have not been properly wrapped up.

Vanessa, a favorite of Ellen DeGeneres, visited the Ellen show shortly after the beginning of the Fall 2007 Season to chat with Ellen about the revamped show and the addition of Tom Selleck who she described as a great guy.

It was a little telling that Vanessa mentioned how it was sad that actor James Caan as Big Ed Deline, had left the show. She told Ellen the Las Vegas set just didn't seem the same without him since he was the original heart and soul of the show.

Vanessa was obviously very found of Jimmy as she called him. Vanessa talked about how great it was to work with Jimmy and how he made the show what it was.

Image of Vanessa Marcil Las Vegas NBC 2/13/07

Las Vegas made its debut in 2003 with a very popular setting in Sin City. Vegas has had a lot of appeal with the major ratings success of the original CSI.

The glitz and glamour of the fictional casino where Las Vegas operated out of gave the show sizzle. So did the gorgeous men and women who were part of the cast. Ironically the show was the very first series TV role for the star, James Caan.

Regardless of the glitter of the set and the cast, the show never won huge ratings numbers but NBC continued to let it roll along. Men were especially fond of the drama due to the gorgeous babes in High Definition.

Rumors of the show's problems leaked when the series was moved from its successful Monday night run to Fridays in 2006. At the end of that season James Caan and Nikki Cox left the show and were replaced by Tom Selleck who proved to be a stablizing influence until of course the strike was too much to hold the show together.

It should be noted that even after it was cancelled, the series caused a major stir when the season finale aired. From afar one of the scenes appeared to show completely naked women in the casino. The FCC was summoned to investigate by viewer complaints.

Luckily for NBC the sequenced was edited to give the illusion of nudity when it really wasn't there.

Vanessa's Las Vegas Hairstyles

Image of Vanessa Marcil Las Vegas NBC 2/13/07

Since the show first started back in 2003 Vanessa's naturally thick dark hair has gone through a series of changes in keeping with the evolution and development of her character. When she made her first appearance on the show her hair was long with lots of texture (waves and curls) and heavily highlighted.

As the following Las Vegas seasons unfolded her hair gradually became darker with less obvious highlights. Her tresses morphed through different lengths ending up midway down her back by 2008 and the termination of the series. The waves and curls had been replaced by silky straight strands.

It would be fair to say her tresses have moved from the heavily blonde highlighted spectrum to the dark chocolate back to a milk chocolate with caramel and butterscotch shadings.

Throughout the entire series she has always worn her hair completely off her heart shaped face and favors a center part.

Her swept from the face styles show off her beautiful skin and eyes which originate from her mixed heritage including a father who is Mexican and a mom who is French, Italian and Portuguese. Vanessa is proud of her heritage and refers to herself as "half Mexican, half white".

Steal Vanessa's Sleek Straight Hair Style

Image of Vanessa Marcil & Camille Guaty Las Vegas 2007

To style your tresses with sleek and straight with a tiny hint of bend on the ends like Vanessa's, complete the following steps listed below:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with your normal products designed for your current hair type, texture and condition.

If your hair is highlighted like Vanessa's use either a moisture enhanced or color enriched formula. If your hair is dry from chemical processing, consider diluting the shampoo formula to protect your strands.

(Shampoo products to try: Phyto - Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo, PHYTO - Dry Hair System, Phyto - PhytoBrush Shampoo)

If you have baby fine or thin hair and wish to build in the same lush movement and volume that Vanessa has, use a volume enhancing shampoo.

Skip any rinse-out conditioning products that might make hair too soft and flat. If you must use a rinse-out conditioner, make sure that you limit how much you use and that you concentrate on the middle to the ends.

Rinse well with a cool water spray which helps build natural volume and increases shine.

Step 2: Towel blot strands. Detangle strands from the ends to the roots.

Image of Vanessa Marcil Las Vegas NBC 08/30/07

Step 3: Apply your favorite straightening and/or defrizzing balm. Distribute from the top of the ears to the ends. Distribute well. If you prefer, mix with a good leave-in conditioner for super shine and softness.

Note: If your hair is fine or thin, apply a volumizing gel or similar products to the roots to get lots of body and movement.

To protect against heat and add body, distribute a leave-in conditioner, mousse or gel from the top of the ears to the ends. Distribute well.

If your hair tends to frizz or is naturally wavy or curly, you may wish to combine a volume product for the roots with a smoothing serum for the rest of the hair.

(Anti-Frizz Product to try: Rene Furterer - Control Emulsion Anti-Frizz) (Root volume products to try: Phyto - Phytovolume Actif, PHYTO - Volume System, Phyto - Phytovolume Shampoo).

Step 4: Working from side to side use a boar's head or natural round brush combined with your blow dryer to straighten and build in body.

Image of Vanessa Marcil NBC Las Vegas 11-07-07

Step 5: To build in volume at the roots, use the round brush to lift your tresses up and direct the air flow from the dryer up the hair shaft to the root. This "ruffles the cuticle" helping to add natural fullness.

If you prefer, bend over at the waist and direct the air flow of the dryer up the hair shaft towards the roots. When hair is 90% dry, bend right side up and work on the hair from the ears down to the ends.

Note: Hairdressers differ on their opinion whether it is beneficial to blow hair "upside down" or not. Use your own judgment on which technique works best for you.

Step 6: Use the round brush to straighten the remainder of the hair by rolling individual sections carefully around the brush and directing the air flow down the hair shaft towards the ends. This helps to straighten, close the cuticle and adds shine.

Step 7: While drying the ends, use the round brush to turn the ends under slightly while finishing.

Step 8: Seal the style by finishing up with a blast of cool air, if possible, from your blow dryer.

Step 9: Carefully comb in your desired part. To create perfect sleekness, go over the hair with a straightening iron.

Step 10: Spray the finished style with a good holding hairspray.

(Hairsprays to try: PhytoPro - Instant Hold Spray #15).

Image of Vanessa Marcil Las Vegas NBC 12/19/07

Step 11: Apply a tiny drop of shine serum, drops or spray into the palms of your hands. Lightly brush the palms over the top of your style and you are ready to rock.

(Shine products to try: Phyto - PhytoLisse (Formerly Phytodefrisant RelaxSerum)

If you prefer, you can use a curling iron to turn under the ends a little bit or use a straight iron on selected pieces around the face to give a contrasting texture to the finished look.


Although Vanessa Marcil was sizzling hot on Las Vegas the 2007-2008 Writer's Strike has been bad news for Vanessa and the rest of the Las Vegas cast.

Critics believe that the replacement of James Caan by Tom Selleck was not given enough time for viewers to embrace. Tom Selleck was exciting, handsome and a great actor.

Fans are distraught at the ending of the show because Vanessa Marcil is considered to be one of the most beautiful young stars in Television today.

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