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Top Ten Styling Secrets


Jessica Simpson

In our quest for eternal hair bliss many of us perpetually chase those indefinable secrets that will transform our tortured tresses into sensual shimmer. The reality of beautiful hair lies in the following ten pearls of styling wisdom.

1. Start With A Stellar Attitude

One of the most important secrets to having a great style is to have a positive attitude. Whether you’re stuck with limp locks or do-nothing strands, dream the dream of luscious locks and it will happen. If you mope about your mop you are doomed to an endless string of bad hair days.

Many fabulous styling techniques have been developed to help counter challenged hair. Be open to the possibilities and know that lovely locks are doable for even the most follicle challenged.

2. Partner With A Great Stylist

Behind every great head of hair is a brilliant stylist. J Lo, Jessica Simpson and Kirsten Dunst have the fabulous Ken Paves on their tresses team, while Elizabeth Taylor has the stellar Jose Eber and Oprah has the talented Andre Walker. The right stylist will help you select the best cut, and color for your skin tone, bone structure and hair type.

They will also coddle your follicles with well-timed treatments and styling tips. Remember that there is no substitute for quality hair care in the hands of a stylist who can make you look like a million bucks. Make it your life’s mission to find a great stylist and then stick with them for the long haul.

3. Select a Signature Style

Don’t fight Mother Nature. Do as celebrities like Meg, Sarah Jessica and Heather Locklear do. Know your hair, maximize its natural beauty and make it your signature style just like Jackie O’s pearls. Whether you love long and luscious, medium and edgy or short and sassy styles, select a realistic look that works well for you and your lifestyle.


4. Avoid The Temptation To Be A Trend Tramp

Hairstyles and hues change as quickly as hemlines. Just when it seems that hair has settled into a hot new style, it changes. One season hair is long and lush, the next it is short and choppy.

Who would have guessed that rock star Pink and reality star Kelly Osbourne would have ushered in a Flamingo hue craze? Save your strands and banish periodic urges to follow the latest trends. Blast off style boredom with slightly altered shades, well-chosen classy accessories and texture. Your hair will love you for your resistance to style swings.

5. Invest In The Best Products You Can Afford

Phyto, JR Lazartique, Ken Paves Healthy Hair and Rene Furterer products are used around the world by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and catwalk queens like Gisele. Why? They are some of the best lines around.

The reality is that you get what you pay for. Limited resources don’t mean that you can’t have great products. The beauty of the premiere lines is that a little bit goes a very long way. Ask your stylist to recommend formulas designed for your hair’s challenges that are compatible with your budget.

6. Design A Custom Hair Care Regime

Whether you shampoo daily or weekly, blow dry or not, how you care for your hair must be customized to your strands. The current trend is to shun shampoo on a daily basis. If your hair must indulge in a daily sudse, experiment with gentle formulas that won’t trip precious oils. Pay attention to how your hair reacts to your regime and then fine-tune it to perfection.

7. Learn To Use Your Tools

The right products used improperly are a waste of time and money. Even worse, using the wrong tools can actually damage your hair. Cheaply made combs and brushes can snag delicate strands. Invest in good tools and learn to use them correctly. Ask your stylist to teach you how to shampoo, apply conditioners and utilize styling aides.

8. Pamper Your Strands


Book regular appointments with your favorite salon for scalp and deep conditioning hair treatments. Pollution, styling products and life’s daily wear and tear will stress out the healthiest cuticles.

Scalps can be abused by a variety of hair care techniques. Opt for treatments that deep clean, stimulate and nourish the skin on your scalp. Ask for a gentle detox treatment for your strands followed by a moisture rich deep conditioning application. Pampered scalps and strands result in healthy glossy manes.

9. Nourish Your Hair From The Inside

It’s true, the food you eat and the liquids you drink influence the hair that you wear. Glossy healthy locks depend on a nutritious diet, vitamins, good rest, exercise and lots of water. Supplement your daily food plan with lots of water, healthy herbal teas and sugar free fruit juices. Avoid hair-busting diets and radical food plans. If you must diet, supplement your food plan with hair vitamins that give you a complete balance of nutrients and herbs.

10. Be Prepared For Anything

Even the most accomplished celebrity stylists like Lorraine Massey, author of the popular CurlyGirl bible for curly hair has to deal with her own bad hair days. Rest assured that even if you do everything right, from finding a great stylist to using the best products and tools, you can’t control climate.

Extremes in temperatures along with humidity and rain can wreck even the best behaved do. Understand how your hair reacts to your environment and be prepared with the appropriate accessories and products to get your through stormy weather.

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