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Teri Hatcher Whispering Lounge Grand Opening Night 01-22-04

In her first talk show appearance since being named the new Bond girl, Teri Hatcher was initiated into Bond territory with the 007 theme song greeting her as she walked onto the stage of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

A major turning point in her career, Teri joined the ranks of former Bond ladies such as Kim Basinger, Ursula Andress and Jane Seymour. Piror to this role, Teri had been brought to mainstream attention as Superman's Match, Lois Lane. Leno's first question was not about 007 or kissing sexy Pierce Brosnan but her pregnancy which she reported took place on Valentine's Day.

Hatcher gave birth to daughter Emerson Rose Tenney on November 10th.

Teri told her producers about her pregnancy before she was hired. She finished filming Lois & Clark, then hopped on a plane for London an 11 hour flight while pregnant.

Her first scene once she arrived on the set was a bedroom scene with Piece. Hatcher has built a career around sexy looks that literally stopped traffic one day during a Beverly Hills photo shoot.

Teri Hatcher American Idol Season Finale 05-21-03

She has been cast more often as a bodacious babe in films like SoapDish and the television series Seinfeld than as an intrepid smarty pants career woman like Lois Lane.

Despite the fact that I have a good-size pair of breasts says Hatcher they're not my only attribute. I prefer baggy denims and oversized t-shirts when I'm not working and I don't wear much makeup. People hardly recognize me when I'm out.

In answer to spoofing herself on Seinfeld in an episode where Jerry became obsessed with whether her amle breasts were real, she grins "yes they are real and all the struggles that go along with the fact that they are real. But take a look at my butt, I think I have a pretty good one.

I'm hard on myself when it comes to looks but as I've gotten older, I'm trying to let go of that trait. In fact, the 32 year old brunette beauty consciously downplays any notion of physical perfection.

Classic Styles Versus Latest Fashions

Teri Hatcher For Roy With Love 05-01-04

Oh man, I'm so far from perfect, it's beyond belief. I guess every woman struggles with wanting to be somewhat perfect and accepting the part that isn't. Although Teri happens to be one of the lucky souls who doesn't gain weight every time she glances at food, the normally sized four, 104 pound actress does watch her died. Spied alongside her husband at The People's Choice Awards, just two months after delivering her daughter, Teri looked as svelte and as fit as ever. I'm not too hung up on a scale, the 5.6" working mom insists.

Teri never credits her good looks with her ten-year overnight success, culminated this year in the second Bond flick starring Brosnan, Tomorrow never Dies. It's not a pair of breasts, how much you weight. It's really the whole package of liking, loving and accepting yourself as a human being. She hopes to nurture those accepting qualities as she ages and pass them on to her daughter as she grows up. So what if I'm ten pound heavier she says.

With a normal weight fluctuating of three or four pounds excluding recent pregnancy weight gains Hatched admits "I like the luxury of being able to get my body and mind into that really comfortable space of being able to walk by mirrored closets and analyzing my body. She sums up her belief in diets in one word. Moderation. That's not being on a diet.

Teri Hatcher Pirates of the Caribbean World Premiere 06-28-03

Teri likens herself to most working women who find it hard to carve out five minutes for themselves to return friend's phone calls, let alone make dinner or get a massage or even read a book.

Meanwhile Teri is very happy with the way her life is going. I love my life right now and what direction it has taken. My personal struggle has always been about accepting myself for who I am. Seeking acceptance finding time for exercise and a yoga/spirituality connection has opened up 'Teri to alternative medicine. I'm more into that then popping antibiotics. I believe in preventative medicine. Not being excessive in any one thing and taking care of your body. Therefore, if you don't get it, you don't have to cure it.

It sounds like 007's latest love has become fit in mind, body and spirit by learning to embrace herself as an individual. I've allowed myself to appreciate my imperfections and appreciate my struggles instead of demanding I have everything figure out. That's just a ciner, happier and more comfortable place to be. You know what? We're all there in that place. But it's easier than it sounds.

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