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Short Hair - Try It Before You Cut It Secrets


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With the throngs of software available that allows you to try on short hairstyles before you have them created in real time, you have the option to try one of those programs.

Why spend the money when you can get the same results for free? One trick is to find a magazine with life size images of models that have short hairstyles you might like. Remove the page from the magazine - after you buy it of course - and then carefully cut a hole to remove the model's face.

Carefully place your face into the newly cut out model and see what you think. It is actually fun, like playing with paper dolls and it will give you a great idea of how you might look. Plus it will say you money on buying software or a service.

There are also free services available to do the same thing with a computer simulation. (one of my favorite sites) offers Free Hairstyler Imaging. Yep, totally free. All you have to do is sign up. Visit I have used the program and it works just great.

Try It Before You Cut It Options

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Other options to view yourself with short hair before taking the plunge:

1. Wig out Go with a friend and try on wigs. Some stores will let you try them on to see if you like a style before you buy it. Be sure not to order wigs online and try then and send them back. Many companies will not accept returns if wigs have been tried on. However, there are wig stores and large department stores that offer samples for your free trial. 2. Simulate A Faux Short Style

Wear your hair pinned up so that it simulates a short hair style and wear it for several days to see how you feel.

3. Take A Tam

Tuck your hair under a baseball, newsboy, tam or other type of hat that exposes only your face. This will give you an additional prospective.

4. Go Hollywood & Hire Image Consultant

Book a paid consultation with an image consultation whose job is to help you redesign your image. A paid image consultation does not involve hair cutting. When in doubt ask first.

Paul McCartney - All Rights Reserved.

5. Have Fun With Extension Course In Image Consulting Take a short class at a Fun Education or Extension Course in Image consulting or Makeup Makeovers. This will give you a chance for a small investment to get great feedback on what might work better for you in terms of a hair style.

6. Buddy Up Ask a friend to spend a few hours going through the latest hair magazines with you. Pick up styles that you like and get their honest feedback. Promise in advance that you won't get upset at the feedback.

7. Go The Online Gallery Route Visit the online galleries and print out the images you like. Cut the faces out and try them over the top of a photo that has a clear view of your face.

8. Party On Have a make-up party and ask for suggestions on what might be a new short hair cut for you.


Before you decide to go with a new short chop or crop take some steps to try on a short look before you make the final commitment. There are many options listed above that you can utilize to get a feel for how you will look with short hair.

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