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Beauty Secrets Of Looking Young

Introduction - Beauty Secrets Of Looking Young

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One of the biggest beauty secrets of looking young is aggressively fighting free radicals. These destructive agents not only endanger the overall health of the body, they may cause premature aging of skin, hair and nails.

In order to hold onto beauty and youth it's critical to aggressively fight back the advances of these naturally produced molecules which are triggered by both internal and external sources.

If free radicals overwhelm the body's natural protective layers, the result can be a wide range of illnesses from minor to life-threatening.

Nutritional Supplements - Beauty Secrets Of Looking Young

Although controversial, many researchers believe consistent use of antioxidants and related nutritional supplements are truly the magical beauty secrets of looking young.  How?  Many beauty and health benefits have been linked to the use of antioxidants including, but not limited to:

- Boosting the immune system which helps the body successfully fight against a wide range of diseases.

- Protecting the skin, scalp and hair from a wide range of environmental toxins including wrinkle triggering sun damage.

- Reducing the risk of joint damage, degeneration and the development of osteoarthritis or related diseases.

- Increasing the body's natural defenses against the development of lung diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

- Helping to reduce the risk of a range of eye problems including macular degeneration and/or long term vision deterioration.

- Amping up protective defenses of the body when exposed to a wide range of pollution and related toxins including second hand smoke.

Vitamin E Vitamin E

While not all experts agree, some believe consistent consumption of antioxidants will help slow the progression of dementia, Alzheimer's and related brain degeneration.

They also believe it will help to naturally decrease the risk of some types of cancer.

Antioxidants - Supplements Behind Beauty Secrets Of Looking Young

In simple terms, antioxidants are molecules which inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction which transfers electrons or hydrogen from a substance to an oxidizing agent.  Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals which may start chain reactions.  When chain reactions occur in a cell, it may cause damage or death to the cell.

Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions.  They do this by being oxidized themselves, so antioxidants are often reducing agents such as thiols, ascorbic acid, or poly-phenols.

Vitamins Vitamins

Supplements  Which Specifically Address  Beauty Secrets Of Looking Young

There is a lot of controversy regarding the long term benefits of taking antioxidants and related vitamins, minerals and herbs to address potential free radical damage.

Experts who promote the use of antioxidants and related supplements agree the key to success is making informed choices when selecting the best supplements for your lifestyle and genetic risk factors.

Dietary Reference Intake - DRI

The suggested recommendations are based upon the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) which is a system of nutrition recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

The DRI system is used by both the United States and Canada and is intended for the general public and health professionals.

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Listed below are some of the most common supplements* which address beauty secrets of looking young.

- {{asin=B0013HV8RI,text=Vitamin E}} ( α-Tocopherol)- 15 mg/day (as recommended by experts)

- {{asin=B00024D862,text=Beta-Carotene}} - 900 µg  -  Note - high levels of β-carotene may increase risk of lung cancer in current and former smokers.

- {{asin=B0013P1GD6,text=Vitamin C}} (buffered with bioflavonoids) - 90 mg

- {{asin=B001UZPY1O,text=Vitamin D}} - 15 µg

- {{asin=B002FK3B4U,text=B Vitamin Complex}} - 50 to 100 mg.

- {{asin=B000EQ2S28,text=Manganese}} - 2 to 4 mg.

- {{asin=B000WVY4PE,text=Magnesium}} - 400 mg.

- {{asin=B000M6X8D.text=Selenium}} - 55 µg

- {{asin=B0015R2TCO,text=Zinc}} - 15 to 20 mg

- {{asin=B000U67W8W,text=CoQ10}} - 30 to 100 mg - 2x a day

- {{asin=B000M48WQI,text=Gingko Biloba}} - 120 mg - 2x a day

- Grape Seed or Pine Bark Extract - 50 to 100 mg.

- Copper++ - 900 µg.

Summary - Beauty Secrets Of Looking Young

Vitamins Vitamins

Many experts believe a number of nutritional antioxidants can help minimize the damage of free radicals preventing or slowing the progression of disease as well as minimizing premature aging including wrinkling, skin and scalp damage as well as hair loss and premature graying.

If you decide to commit to a program of nutritional supplements as your own beauty secrets of looking young, be sure to work with your primary physician or alternative health consultation to develop the best supplementation program for you.


*Always talk to your primary physician before undertaking any new program of supplementation.

++If your copper levels are not within normal levels be sure to be test to determine the best supplementation plan for your body.

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