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Natural No-Fuss Makeup Secrets

Introduction - Natural No-Fuss Makeup Secrets

NarsSPF Lip NarsSPF Lip

Marissa Nemes is an Internationally renowned makeup artist best known for her iconic, clean and classic style.

Her excellent work has appeared in the pages of Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair Magazine, to name just a few.

Marissa's expert beauty tips have been featured by InStyle's Best Beauty Buys, Martha Stewart Weddings and AOL's StyleList.

She recently shared her natural, no-fuss makeup secrets.

The make-up guru explained many people think natural, no-fuss makeup is effortless, when really, it's not as easy to pull off as it looks.

Secrets For A Naturally Undone Looking Face

What does Marissa believe is important for a naturally undone looking face?

A healthy diet, sleep and a good night time moisturizer is key to the beginning of a naturally-undone looking face.

Marissa believes once you’ve mastered brighter skin from lifestyle choices, you can incorporate some of the tips for creating a natural no-fuss make-up look.

Listed below are some of her secrets for natural no-fuss make-up:

1.  Always start with an application of {{asin=B007QF106U,text=SPF enhanced tinted moisturizer}}.  Allow the moisturizer to settle in.

2.  Blend in concealer under the eyes and in any areas which need special attention.

3.  Sweep a velvety powder foundation over the top.  Make sure to select a {{asin=B007TY4G3C,text=powder with SPF}}.

4.  Add a little touch of bronzer focusing the application where the sun would naturally hit your face.

5.  Blend a cream, flesh toned blush on the apples of your cheeks.

6.  After the face is finished, address the eyes. Marissa likes cream eye shadow for a more natural look. She suggests selecting an eye shadow with has a more healthy look such as a sheer pink or peach.  She recommends blending the shadow all the way from the lash line to the brow bone.

7.  Curl eyelashes.

8.  Apply mascara.

9.  Finish off the look by applying a sheer SPF infused treatment on the lips.  Marissa likes {{asin=B00D58X70Y,text=NARS Cosmetics Pure Sheer SPF}}.

10.  Mist the face for finish.

Note:  One of her recommended sprays is Le Mer's "The Mist".

Umera Eyelash Curler ShuUmera Eyelash Curler

Summary - Natural No-Fuss Makeup Secrets

Marissa believes natural no-fuss makeup can be more complicated to create than many people believe.

She also suggests adopting a natural diet and lifestyle to enhance natural no-fuss make-up.

Finally, the iconic make-up artist believes if you want to achieve a natural look you should mineral makeup.

She notes it's rare these days to find a cosmetic line that doesn’t have one or many mineral-based products.

More About Marissa Nemes

Best known for her iconic, clean and classic style, Marissa has had involvement in aesthetic styling for feature films such as The Mummy III and The Aviator, branching out to TV shows such as Bravo’s Real Housewives series.

Marissa Nemes’ love of beauty began when she was a young girl.  Her chic grandmother Zelda, a fashion designer from Poland, played a memorable role in her early childhood.

Zelda’s motto “if you look good you’ll feel good” has stayed with Marissa since day one.  Always thinking of Zelda’s fashion forward beauty and style, the make-up artist vividly remembers her grandmother’s palette of colorful eye shadows, lipsticks and baby blonde hair.

Marissa knew she was destined to be an artist at a very early age when color naturally motivated her on a daily basis.  She started to paint abstract canvasses, snap photos from around the world and suggest colors and makeup techniques to her mother, sisters and clients.

While her impressive background includes both photography and fashion degrees, she felt most fulfilled as a makeup artist.

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