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Michelle Trachtenberg: Dawn Blossoms On Buffy


Michelle Trachtenberg is anything but an ordinary 17-year-old. The lovely and multi-talented actress, born October 11th, 1985 in New York City, currently plays the mystery-laden character Dawn Summers, Buffy's little sister, on UPN's award winning "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (All photos in this article are courtesy of UPN and UPN2001. All rights reserved).

Although Dawn's entrance on one of television's most successful hits was initially unexplained, her role as "The Key" to all the secrets in Sunnydale and the world eventually evolved into a major story line. Although Michelle has admitted in press interviews that she was a little nervous about "popping" up suddenly in Buffy's 5th season opener, she was also excited by the opportunity to work with her old friend Sarah Michelle Geller from All My Children soap days.

Although her character was mysterious in the beginning, Michelle has confused in interviews that her Buffy character shares a lot of her own characteristics. Confessing to be outgoing, opinionated and fun loving, Michelle has had a lot of practice being a little sister. Besides big sister Buffy, Michelle has her own real-life big sis that she can bicker with off the set. Although Michelle's real life sibling is seven years older Michelle has reported that she and her sister have gotten closer over the years.

Long Luxurious Toffee Strands

Michelle need not have worried about her character's addition to the cast. Both Michelle and Dawn Summers have proven to be a popular hit with Buffy fans. Michelle's long toffee colored lovely locks have also endeared her fans of long hair.

Although Michelle as Dawn Summers tends to wear her one length strands straight and parted in the middle, she adds a bit of sass with simple ponytails and curls. Michelle also likes to pull a few strands from either side of her stunning face and pin her hair partially back as shown to the side.

To steal Michelle's stunning straight sleekness:

1. Start with a visit to your stylist for a trim that gives you blunt healthy ends.

2. Shampoo with a product designed for your hair type. If you need extra volume, shampoo with Phytotherathrie's Volume or the new Volume Mousse Shampoo. Follow with a rinse out conditioner if appropriate. Finish the cycle with a cool/cold water rinse to add extra shine.

If you have colored or highlighted hair consider using color enhancing shampoo and conditioner to keep your hues looking spectacular.

3. Towel blot hair to remove moisture. Apply a good detangler and remove all tangles working from the bottom to the top of the head. If you wish to copy Michelle's center part, use a comb with a pointy end and create a part from the front to the back of your head.

4. For extra fullness apply a volume enhancing product like Phytotherathrie Actif at the roots. If extra volume is not required, apply a good leave-in conditioner or heat protectant spray to protect strands from blow-dryer heat. If you prefer, apply a gel or styling mousse to add overall control and body.

For hair with slight natural curl or wave apply a straightening balm or defrisant balm to help straighten as you blow dry.

5. Separate your hair into sections and blow dry using a boar's head paddle brush. Told the hair taut with the brush and direct the air flow of the dryer from the roots to the ends to add natural shine.

6. Once the hair is 100% dry clip the upper layer of hair up and away from your face. Use a flattening iron on individual sections to get a totally straight and smooth finish. If you want a slight curl at the ends, use a curling iron for just a few sections on the ends to give slight curls and definition.

7. To finish the look spritz lightly with a good shine spray like Mine Barbee Blast. If you prefer, use your fingers to smooth your hair into place then add a few drops of Phytotherathrie Serum to the palms of your hands and smooth over the top of your hair from roots to ends.

Wear hair parted from the middle like Michelle or jazz up the look with a zigzag or messy part. If you prefer Michelle's curly look, use a curling iron or hot curlers on your hair after it is dry rather than the straightening iron. Remember, the larger the curlers or curling iron barrel, the larger the curls.

To get Michelle's pulled back look, take 1 1/2 to 2" section sections of hair at the hairline and pull back to the middle of the crown. Clip with a sparkly barrette or small jeweled clips. Leave the length to flow down your back is soft curls, waves or strands.

Viola. You should have sleek, shiny, sultry locks like a hot new star.

More About Michelle

As an actress Michelle is perhaps best known for her starring role in "Harriet the Spy," opposite Rosie O'Donnell, for which she won the "Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film" award from "Young Artists of Hollywood." (Photo of Michelle as Dawn in "Entropy" on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER broadcast on UPN. Photo: Richard Cartwright UPN2001. All rights reserved). A native New Yorker, Trachtenberg began her acting career at the age of four when she appeared in her first television commercial. Since then, she has appeared in over 100 national spots and in starring roles both in film and on television.

In 1999, Trachtenberg starred opposite Matthew Broderick in the live-action feature film "Inspector Gadget." Her other feature credits include roles in the independent films "Can't Be Heaven," "The Cage" and "Melissa."

Daytime television fans will remember Trachtenberg from her role as the autistic Lily Montgomery on "All My Children," at which time the drama also starred Sarah Michelle Geller. All photos in this article are courtesy of UPN and UPN2001. All rights reserved).

She was also a series regular on the Nickelodeon series "The Adventures of Pete & Pete." Trachtenberg's other television credits include guest starring roles on "Meego," "Guys Like Us," "Figure It Out," "Dave's World," "Law & Order," "Saturday Night Live," "Clarissa Explains It All" and "Space Cases," as well as the television movies "A Father's Choice" opposite Peter Strauss and Mary McDonnell, and "Christmas in Our Home Town" with Melissa Gilbert. For the past five years, Trachtenberg has been an active spokesperson for R.A.D.D., DARE America, The Starlight Foundation and many others. Her contributions to the fight against drugs earned her the prestigious responsibility of representing the youth of America at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta, where she helped President Clinton launch "The Coalition for a Drug Free America" campaign. In her spare time, Trachtenberg enjoys swimming, rollerblading, ice-skating, bicycling and writing short stories.

Since debuting in 1997, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has become one of television's most successful breakout hits, giving Michelle a fabulous opportunity to add more credits to her already impressive acting credentials. She began her acting career in TV commercials, appearing in over 100.


Michelle has lovely long chocolate brown locks that looks stunning either long and sleek or pulled back and cascading in long soft waves.

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