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Meg Ryan & Russell Crowe: Great Hair But Doomed Love Affair


A very recent Supermarket rag magazine reported that Meg Ryan, America's official Sweetheart and terminally great hair icon, was trying to recapture her torrid romance with Aussie bad boy Russell Crowe.

While you can't always believe everything you read about celebrities, Meg's chart along with her current planetary trends point to some element of truth in this latest rumor mill. Will Meg succeed in enticing Crowe back into her romantic life? The planets have the answer which will be finalized in early 2003.

Ironically, Meg's natal chart also completely exonerates her with regard to her separation from her former husband, Dennis Quaid and her affair with Russell Crowe. How? The planets reveal all. Read on.

Meg - The Incredible Scorpion

Meg was born on November 19, 1961 in Fairfield, CT. Time unknown. Her natal Scorpion Sun, co-ruled by powerful Pluto and fiery Mars, is located at 27 degrees. Meg also has Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio. The natal moon and ruler of her emotions is in intense Aries, also ruled by Mars.

America's beloved actress is almost nothing like the wildly popular "Sally" of When Harry Met Sally fame. If anything, Meg's chart indicates that she is probably a lot more like the dark alcoholic wife in When A Man Loves A Woman or the tough wife in Proof Of Life. Although the public admires her for the roles she has played, the real Meg Ryan is an incredibly strong, loyal and ethical person. She is also extremely private (and I apologize in advance for exposing any of her astrological secrets).

Based on her natal planets there is no doubt that Meg was destined to be a great movie star. Her reign as a hair idol is also indicated in her chart by the placement of her Moon in Aries, her Venus (hair and physical beauty) in Scorpio (transformational to generations) her Mars in Sagittarius and her Jupiter in Aquarius (tousled & unpredictable). These planets show that Meg is a pioneer and rebel in her personal appearance and hairstyles. The influence of her natal Uranus conjunct Pluto shows that her independent ways of wearing her hair have captured the imagination of the world and has helped transform the traditional view of what is ideal in the world of hairstyles.

Discovering The Real Meg Ryan

The public has no clue to the real Meg, as they discovered in the Summer of 2000 when it was revealed that she had left her husband of 10 years, actor Dennis Quaid (April 9, 1954) and was frolicking with Aussie bad boy, Russell Crowe (April 7, 1964).

Meg's scandalous affair was exposed when transiting Saturn was in the later degrees of Taurus opposing her natal Sun in Scorpio. Although always private Meg said very little publicly about her separation (Saturn) from Quaid or her romance with Crowe, her press agents reported that Crowe was definitely not the cause of the separation from Quaid.

Pre-Crowe Marital Problems From Saturn

Her chart definitely confirms that this was the absolute truth. In fact, Meg probably really started having marital challenges, doubts and concerns in May of 1998 when transiting Saturn in Aries squared her natal Saturn in Capricorn. This type of Saturn square will often manifest as deep introspection about the structure, responsibility and happiness around long term commitments, partnerships or marriages. Saturn will also spotlight unhappiness or a need to make major changes.

Besides keeping her personal life very private , Meg most likely hide problems in her "picture perfect" relationship with Quaid. With his natal Saturn at 7 degrees of Scorpio on top of Meg's natal Venus (love) planet, she may have always felt that Quaid did not love her the way she really wanted to be loved. Their Saturn/Venus conjunction could have also indicated that Meg may have felt chronically misunderstood or even that Quaid might have embarked on secret intimate relationships.

Quaid's natal Saturn made strong aspects to Meg's Neptune (dreams) and Mercury (communication). This may have manifested as Meg feeling that she and Quaid could not communicate and that they did not share the same dreams. The Saturn might also have made Meg feel that she carried the major responsibility for the relationship and indeed, she helped Quaid overcome long term drug (Neptune) problems.

Out With The Old Aries - In With The New

During the time that she was dealing with transiting Saturn square her natal Saturn, transiting Jupiter was also making rather challenging aspects to her husband's natal Mars and natal Jupiter. This would indicate that he might have been keeping secrets from her or shut her out of his life in some way. Again this indicates that the marriage was under stress as far back as 1998.

By the time that Meg met Russell on location for the Proof Of Life film she had also experienced the pressure of transiting Saturn opposing her natal Venus, Neptune and Mercury. In March of 2000 transiting Saturn was conjuncting Meg's natal Neptune of illusions and Mercury, planet of communication. There is no doubt that Meg had weathered challenging marital times for at least two years and was ready for a new love, romance and passion.

Ironically Meg left her Aries husband for her Aries lover. Although Quaid and Crowe both have their natal Suns in Aries, conjunct Meg's natal Moon in Aries, the similarities between the two men stop there.

Venus & Mars - Explosive Chemistry

When Meg connected with Crowe she was coming out of a long cycle of Saturn which probably manifested in a feeling of emotional isolation, sadness and depression. Crowe's natal Mars of excitement and passion was trine Meg's own Mars in Sagittarius and was in the same sign as her Moon inevitably stirring up feelings of intensity. Astrologically it is indicated that Crowe and Meg were mutually attracted to each other. However, it would seem from Meg's chart that she was the aggressor in establishing the initial romantic relationship.

Like most Scorpions, Meg can operate brilliantly behind the scenes never revealing her true depth or complex thoughts. With so many of her planets co-ruled by the aggressive and passionate Mars, Meg would have no other outcome with Russell then the one she wanted and achieved.

There is no doubt that Meg and Russell had an explosive chemistry as a result of the strong aspects that their natal planets made to each other. Russell's Venus (love) in 2 degrees of Gemini made a close opposite to Meg's natal Mars (passion). This is chemistry. This is intense love which can also turn to intense fighting.

Russell's Jupiter of expansion and liberation was near Meg's Moon which indicates that Russell set Meg free from her chains of Saturn and also was a positive catalyst for change and expansion.

Russell's Saturn is in opposition to Meg's Uranus and Pluto which can show death and regeneration as well as abrupt changes. In retrospect, although Meg had probably long ago decided to end her unhappy marriage, Russell gave her the motivation to break totally free and more on with her life. Saturn can often act as a trigger to embrace changes and deal with issues of death and rebirth.

Meg's Rose Colored Crowe Glasses

As of the first week of July, 2002, transiting Neptune (delusions) in unpredictable Aquarius was forming a square (blocks) aspect to Meg's natal Venus in Scorpio. To add even more fog to this lost love scenario, transiting Neptune is also currently making a square to Meg's natal Neptune (wishful thinking) in Scorpio.

With her Venus love planet in Scorpio, Meg does not love lightly or for the short term. During the time they were together as a couple, Meg gave her heart completely to Crowe, only to have it broken with the ending of the affair. With the current transitioning Neptune aspects (lost dreams), Meg may be filled with false hope that she can woo Russell back to her life as her permanent love.

Will Russell return to Meg's waiting arms? Astrologically the planets don't hold much hope. In May of 2001 Crowe had his own transiting Saturn challenges. Transiting Saturn moved to a conjunction with Crowe's natal Venus (love) indicating the separation or ending with a lover. Transiting Saturn moved to a square with his natal Uranus in June of 2001. Saturn formed squares with Crowe's natal Pluto in July of 2001, November of 2001 and April of 2002. Since Meg is a Plutonian ruled Scorpio with four planets in Scorpio it appears that as of April 2002, Saturn made sure that Crowe was completely separated from his time with Meg and would most likely not be going back.

Additional indicators that Russell will probably never return to Meg as anything other than a friend is the current transiting Uranus squaring Megs natal Sun and the transiting Jupiter squaring her natal Moon. There is little doubt that Meg is feeling anything but frustrated and angry at this disappointing sequence of events.

The current aspects causing Meg to hope for a reunion will not be over until March of 2003. At that time all of her dreams and illusions about who Crowe really is will be revealed to her and she will be able to start to move forward with her life. Just as Meg will also love Quaid, she will always have a special place deep in her heart for Crowe.

Not Meant To Be For The Long Term

Although Meg may not be willing or able to recognize it at this time, even if Russell Crowe had resumed their love affair, he would have repeatedly broken her heart. Not only does Russell have his love planet in flirtageous Gemini, which often indicates having multiple lovers at the same time, his Moon in unpredictable Aquarius is trining Venus. This means that Russell will always be very popular with the ladies (Moon) and can have must about any woman that he desires for love (Venus) or play. It also means that he may pick up and run off with a moment's notice to have a good time.

Unfortunately both Meg and Russell had natal Neptune in Scorpio with Russell's Neptune applying to Meg's Sun. The man she thought she fell in love with does not really resist but Neptune has kept her confused about the real Russell.

Natal Venus is square his natal Uranus and Pluto which are both in the sign of Virgo. This indicates that Crowe will have a very hard time remaining faithful or committed in love to any one person for any extended period of time. It also implies that he is extremely critical and picky about the woman that he spends times with on a romantic level.

Russell's natal Moon in very unpredictable Aquarius shows that he wants and needs an emotional partner that is completely independent and totally non-restrictive of his bad boy ways. He will not tolerate any attempts to control his behavior. Russell's legendary temper tantrums are shown by his natal Mars in Aries and the fact that he has three planets in Aries.

With her Venus in serious, committed Scorpio, Meg would not be able to handle even the remote suspicion that Russell was unfaithful. Her four planets in Scorpio make her possessive and somewhat controlling.

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