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Meet The Hair Boutique's Hair Stylist: Shelley Pryor of Salon Michelle

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A good hair stylist is always a very valuable commodity. A hair stylist that specializes in dealing with your hair type is even more valuable and much harder to come by.

Like many people I have always struggled with my hair and endured a long list of stylists that cut my hair to suit their whims rather than mine.

In 1988 I decided to grow my hair as long as it would go. I was hoping to grow my hair to my knees. I definitely wanted my hair to grow longer than my shoulders where it was hovering at the time I made this life changing decision.

Finding Shelley

I was lucky to find a hair stylist that specialized in long hair. One of his assistants was Shelley Pryor who shampooed and detangled my hair, talked to me about hair care products for my hair type and did my quarterly highlights using the cap method.

Shelley not only became knowledgeable about my particular hair concerns and issues, but she would go out of her way to treat my hair with the utmost care and consideration.

Official Hair Boutique Stylist In Dallas

When Shelley left the original salon to "do her own thing" I followed her (that's me pictured at the left at Shelley's hair care station). So did several Dallas Hair Boutique long hair friends.

Shelley is the "official" Dallas hairstylist for the Hair Boutique and performs her long hair magic on Jeff and I as well as several Hair Boutique contributors and friends.

I visit Shelley religiously every 8-10 weeks to have my ends trimmed and more often to have her trim and style my bangs.

Every 3-4 months Shelley does my highlights using the cap method. She uses Matrix SoCol on my hair and the results are fabulous. Recently I was interviewing a local hair color expert and he was stunned that Shelley used a cap on my hair.

The color expert commented that most colorists would be unwilling to take the time and effort to use a cap on hair as long as mine. He did point out that the results are superior to anything he has seen with foils and said my hair was a masterpiece of highlights.

I was not surprised. Shelley will always take the extra time and go the extra mile to accomplish the best results for her clients.

Naturally Curly Hair

shelleyt.jpg (2852 bytes)Although Shelley has a special expertise in long hair care, she also is very knowledgeable about all types of hair. She is has a personal expertise with curly hair, which she deals with on a daily basis with her own naturally curly hair.

Shelley has the most gorgeous curly hair I have ever seen. It is never frizzy or out of control and she has answered my endless questions about the best way to deal with curly hair.

Recently a good friend of mine with very curly hair was getting married and just could not figure out how to deal with her hair. Shelley saved the day by giving my friend a special deep conditioning treatment and recommending some great anti-frizz hair care products.

She also showed my friend how to create a beautiful French twist that would dress up the hair and prevent out-of-control curls or frizz.

Other Types Of Hair

When Jane Bullock (Hair Boutique's short hair reporter) moved back to Dallas from Austin, Texas, she decided to visit Shelley to see what she could do for her short, very thick, fast growing hair. Shelley did wonders with Jane's bedhead look. Jane became and instant fan and visits Shelley every 3-4 weeks for a trim.

While Shelley is great with long hair and curly hair, she is also great with all types of hair. What makes her great is that she takes the time to understand the unique needs of every one of her customers and to work with their special requests. While the bulk of Shelley's clients have long or curly hair, she also is very successful with all other hair types and lengths.

Recently Shelley has been working with developing a special scalp and hair conditioning treatment service. She plans to unveil this new service in the next few weeks.

Shelley's Hair Care Products

Shelley is the person who first turned me onto ARTec's Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. She is also the one that got me addicted to ARTec's Moisture Pak. Shelley also loves some of the American Crew Products and uses Matrix's Vavoom styling gel.

For her own naturally curly hair Shelley favors products that give her hair maximum conditioning and moisture to prevent her gorgeous curls from getting "crunchy".

Shelley alternates hair care products but historically has gotten great results with Aveda's Blue Malva shampoo (for her naturally blonde hair) and Aveda's Cherry Almond Bark as a great conditioner. She also like the Ecoly line of hair care products for styling her hair.

Shelley's Hair Styles

Shelley wears her gorgeous curly hair in a variety of stunning styles. She loves to wear her hair down in a beautiful cascade of curls. She carefully picks our the curls so that they form perfect ringlets around her face.

She also loves to experiment and wear her hair pulled back and clipped in a variety of half up/half down dos. Shelley loves to play with hair clips and hair jewelry. She often wears her hair is a ponytail with her curls cascading down the back of her head.

Shelley enjoys her curly hair and has never considered straightening it. She has told me many times that she would never trade her gorgeous curls for any other type of hair.

How To Reach Shelley For An Appointment

Since Shelley is the official Dallas hair specialist for the Hair Boutique, we will be featuring more articles about Shelley int he near future. If you are going to be visiting Dallas and would like to have Shelley work with your hair she would be very happy to do so.

Shelly can be reached for an appointment at Salon Michelle in Plano, Texas at 972-516-4718. Because of her very packed schedule Shelley works by prior appointment only.

If you would like to have Shelley work with your hair, be sure when you make your appointment know that you are a new client and would need extra time for your first consultation.

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