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Mary J. Blige Hairstyles


Mary J. Blige March 1993

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Mary Jane Blige (born January 11, 1971 in The Bronx, New York), also known as Mary J. Blige, is an American recording artist, songwriter, singer, and actress.

A recipient of nine Grammy Awards and many other honors, the brilliant performer has recorded eight multi platinum albums. She has also received the World Music Legends Award for combining hip hop and soul in the early 1990s.

As of 2010, Blige had sold around 50 million records. Blige has cited Anita Baker, Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin as influences.

Mary J. Blige has triumphed over some major life challenges and come out a champion. She has admitted dealing with bouts of drug addiction, alcoholism, and depression, as well as an abusive relationship with then-boyfriend K-Ci Hailey of Jodeci

If you look back at her performance history, you can see how her hairstyles, fashions and image have evolved along with her singing style.

Listed below are some of Mary's hairstyle transformations over the years starting with the early 1990s when she was first making media waves.


Mary J. Blige 1996 Essence Awards

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Mary J. Blige made a media splash in 1993 at the 7th Annual Soul Train Music Awards where she appeared with her hair close to her natural curly haired texture. She wore a relatively simple tangerine jumpsuit.

Mary's make-up, accessories and overall look was raw with limited finish.

Her chocolate brown strands were pulled tightly back from her forehead and directed back towards the crown where her ringlet infused curls were allowed to billow out and frame her head.


As her success and fame skyrocketed, Mary J. began to pull out all the stops with her hair and fashions. She went with a drastic hair color change by embracing a bright white platinum blonde.

Her pre-1993 natural curls were nowhere in sight.

Mary opted to rock a stick straight shoulder length hairstyle which was a dramatic change from her previous looks.


Mary J. Blige August 1999

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By the time 1999 rolled around Mary J. was really comfortable expressing herself with a wide range of spectacular hair lengths, hues and styles ranging from super short to long and lush.

In 1999 she appeared with her multi-blonde hued tresses coiffed in an array of intricate braids cascading off a center part.


Mary J. Blige March 2000

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In March of 2000 Mary J. again appear on the Red Carpet at the Soul Train awards, but her look had evolved dramatically.

Gone were the chocolate brown ringlets.

Instead Mary wore one of her signature layered blonde hairstyles with a flirty fringe cut around the perimeter of her hairline.

Although Mary continued to flirt with blonde hairstyles, she also played with a range of reds, chocolates and brunettes.


Mary J. Blige February 2002

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In face, when Mary performed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in February of 2002 she wore a much shorter chocolate brunette hairstyle with intricate highlights and lowlights.

It was actually an edgier and sleeker look. Mary looked chic in her short hairstyle which featured a short texturized full frontal fringe with side flips.


Mary J. Blige August 2003

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In August of 2003 Mary wore a spectacular longer fringed hairstyle which was again a dramatic departure from her previous shorter hairstyles.

Mary's longer fringed hairstyle was very flattering for her skin and eye tones.

She wore an edgy razored fringe which was cut very short on one side and much longer on the other.

The platinum blonde base was laced with a range of highlights and lowlights ranging from honey to ink black edging on the underside of the style.

The hairstyle gave Mary J a softer, sassier style and showcased her beautiful brows, eyes, cheekbones and lips. This is probably one of my favorite Mary J. Blige hairstyles which was very appropriate for 2003.


Mary J. Blige 2005

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Mary continued to amp up her look in 2005. She appeared with a trademark single braid on top of a slicked back longer styles as a psuedo headband look.

She also wore her strands a longer and played with lots of curls and ringlets.

In November of 2005 Mary appeared at The 16th Annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards rocking a medium length super curly blonde hairstyle topped off with a chic beret.


Mary J. Blige 2007

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In 2007 Mary wore a mid-cheek length bob with a long side-swept fringe cascading from a deep side part.

Mary's hairstyle was lush with volume which extended throughout the crown to the sides. The base was a honey blonde base with stunning copper lowlights and platinum highlights.

The long frontal fringe were directed over and across one eye and was tucked into the opposite side.


Mary J. Blige 2008

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In 2008 Mary transitioned from her darker 2007 honey blonde to a white platinum hue which was incredibly striking.

The 2007 side swept fringe was replaced in 2008 with a full frontal full curtain of hair which extended down to the top of her eyes.

Mary's hair was styled into a longer straight bob hairstyle with the sides tucked behind both of her ears.

The platinum blonde base color had very subtle highlights and lowlights.


Mary J, Blige March 2010

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Although Mary was famous for her range of striking blonde hues, she began 2010 with a dark chocolate base and honey blonde highlights.

She also went pixie short rocking sides and a back cut closer to the head than the top layers. The top section of her hair was cut in precision layers to help blow up the volume and create a hint of flow and movement.

Mary March 2010 hairstyle was sleek, elegant and youthful. Her hair directed attention towards her glowing skin, sparkling eyes and beautiful lips. It was a fresh new take for Mary J. and again showcased her true beauty and glamour.


Looking back at the hair history of Mary J. Blige it's almost hard to believe the ringlet infused rising star who appeared in 1993 at the 7th Annual Soul Train Music Award has changed so dramatically.

Mary J. Blige is like a butterfly who emerged from a cocoon into the stunning polished beauty who constantly surprises and delights with her range of spectacular hairstyles.

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