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Mary Louise Parker Loses Hair To Brazilian Straightening Treatment

In a recent interview with The New York Times actress Mary Louise Parker (MLP) revealed some of her hair and beauty secrets to Tina Turnbow, a makeup artist who has worked with Mary Louise.

Mary Louise Parker's Hair Fall Out From The Past

During the interview Mary Louise admitted to having a recent beauty mishap which involved her hair.  She said that "not trusting my instincts - letting my vanity take over - and having the Brazilian Straightening Treatment (BST)."  She explained "I've experienced hair fall-out in the past, and it is not fun.  This treatment (BST) resulted in more.  My advice:  don't do it!"

When I read the interview I immediately texted one of Mary Louise's long time celebrity hairdressers and asked him if he had applied the Brazilian to the Weeds star.  He said "no, she had the treatment done in New York" where she spends most of her time and "not in California" where he normally styles her hair.

He also confirmed that initially she told him she loved the Brazilian treatment until she started experiencing problems and hair loss.

Seaweed And Tumeric As Hair Growth Aides

Mary Louise confirmed during the interview that she carries "Sunscreen and dried seaweed for my daughter. She loves seaweed. And this herbal juice elixir with tumeric — amazing stuff."

Note to Mary Louise, seaweed is an excellent food for helping to regrow lost hair.  Ditto for tumeric.  And yes, the Brazilian Keratin treatments may actually cause accelerated hair shedding and loss as a side effect of the treatment which has become controversial due to questions about formaldehyde.

Always Do Your Research

Although the Brazilian Keratin Treatment doesn't necessarily cause hair loss for everyone who has it, if you are already prone to hair loss, as Mary Louise is, there is a higher risk of hair shedding as a challenging side effect.

When in doubt be sure to do your homework about whether a Brazilian Keratin Treatment is right for you, your hair and your goals.  Be sure to discuss potential toxicity from the treatment with your hair professional.  Some types of BKTs have been removed from the market due to concerns about the ingredients but new treatments with safer ingredients have replaced them.

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