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Jorja Fox Has Signed On For 11th Season Of CSI revealed that Jorja Fox (Sara) has renewed her commitment to CSI.  According to EW, Fox has signed on to return for the procedural's upcoming 11th season.

(Image of CSI Team at Warrick's funeral - Jorja Fox is far right in the first row - CBS - All Rights Reserved)

Of course all terms of her new contract are being kept tightly under wraps so it's unclear how her billing will play out.  Will she be billed as a recurring guest star or back to her original series regular status?

Although I love CSI and have watched it since the very beginning of the show's run, I found this news about Jorja to be especially interesting.  Why?  My dear friend, celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell, was the head hairdresser for CSI last season.

While I was out in LA visiting Robert got permission to take me onto the actual CSI set.  While hanging out in the hair and make-up trailer I also got to meet the long term make-up person for CSI and she was lovely.  Robert had nothing but glowing things to say about CBS, the production team, all the actors and the way the show was run.

Robert doesn't mince words and after having been a Hollywood hairdresser for all these years when he gives high praise I pay close attention.

Although Robert mostly coiffed Marg Helgenberger's (Catherine) hair he did do some "early calls" with Jorja and also had very high praise for her.

He reported that Jorja is similar to the character she plays on CSI.  She's no nonsense, extremely professional, punctual and always completely prepared.  Robert also told me Jorja, who is lovely to work with, loves to surf and participate in outdoor activities which wrecks havoc with her tresses.  You know how it goes.  All that California sun, surf and sand can destroy even the healthiest of hair in no time.

Unfortunately Robert left CSI to work with his long time favorite client, Mary Louise Parker, on Weeds for Showtime.  Robert did the hair for the original Weeds pilot and has coiffed Mary Louise for many years.  He adores her and who doesn't?

Of course the news about Jorja didn't surprise me at all.  I really expected her to be an outdoorsy athletic type of person and the true professional aspect also makes sense.

Of course fans really love her for a number of reasons which is why I would guess CBS would want to keep her connected with the show, regardless of her billing as either a season regular or guest star.

Even better news is that the other CSI returnees include Marg, George Eads (Nick), Eric Szmanda (Greg) and Paul Giulfoyle (Jim).  Laurence Fishburne (Ray) had already signed for another tour of duty in April.  He signed for one more year. Liz Vassey, meanwhile, will not be back.

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