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Fifty percent of the population is no longer being ignored. Salons in the "know" such as the Nubest & Co. Salon in Manhasset New York, have captured the male clientele with a new targeted communication. The result is noticeably increased salon services and men now looking better than ever before. (All photos copyright of Nubest & Co. - All rights reserved.)

Although men don't want to appear too vain and self indulgent, they feel it is of extreme importance for them to keep current and modern. Men rely on professional guidance in authoritative ways ad now comfortably trust professional stylists' proactive advice on cuts, color and spa services. Results oriented men appreciate crisp, concise communication in simple terms. Men won't take the time to ask questions. Recognizing this, our professional staff casually suggests increased services to the salon's male clientele. Men are taking advice from the salon's colorist on how to maximize their new haircut through hair color threading hair removal to finish and polish their fresh new look.

Trends change with the times, and there is a need for a more casual, relaxed emphasis in our environment. As with fashion, hair is less conforming The buzz cut is done. Medium length hair is back and a focus on texture and movement "We are seeing individuality expressed in men's haircuts," says Jamie Mazzei, Artistic Director for Nubest & Co. Salon. "Men want to express their personality and their style." Growing it out from short to long IS THE LOOK. Just look at Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe and Benicio Del Toro. The wild unkempt head that appears to be last night's hair has serious attitude. While attitude is featured, versatility is the benefit. The loose, choppy not-so-perfect layers (with uneven bangs in the face) provided a hip day style and can be groomed off the face for a controlled evening look (All photos copyright of Nubest & Co. - All rights reserved.)

Haircolor is no longer taboo for men, and men are experimenting more with color. It's not just about covering grey, it's about using color as a style accessory. Highlights are finer with various warm auburn tones two shades lighter than the natural base. The longer look is emphasized with lighter highlights concentrated closer to the face. (All photos copyright of Nubest & Co. - All rights reserved.)

"Highlights are no longer a trend," says Christian Fleres, Color Director of Nubest & Co. Salon. "Men are using haircolor as personal expression. The world is more competitive and everyone is pressured to look their best, particularly in the workforce. Once men experience their dramatic transformation through cut and color, they're hooked. Nubest & Co. Salon stylists notice that men have become the new loyal customer."

Mature men have also become savvy on how to integrate haircolor complimenting their grey hair, not fighting it. Instead of going from full grey back to black, they're taking advantage of the low lights color technique to lessen the years yet matins a natural look.

To achieve these styles, which can be accomplished on all hair types, begin with wet hair. Apply ARTec textureline magnifier for blow dry styling, or to slick down for a more groomed appearance. Textureline texturepaste can be used to define the ends, or for easy air dry styling. On an even longer length , apply ARTec kiwi coloreflector blow serum for air dry styling, working the look with just your fingers. To finish, kiwi manipulating wax should be applied sparingly underneath the hair. Flip, and spray all around for volume and definition. (All photos copyright of Nubest & Co. & ARTec - All rights reserved.)

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Hair: Jamie Mazzei, Artistic Director for Nubest & Col Salon Haircolor: Christian Fleres, Haircolor Director for Nubest & Co. Salon Makeup: Joey Mills, John Turner Photo Reps Photo: Richard Ballard, Vernon Jolly Inc.,

Nubest & Co., Salon 1482 Northern Blvd., Manhasset, NY 11030 516-627-9444

ARTec Arlene Benza 516-625-6663

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