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Love Your Curls Day!


There's no question that Michelle Breyer and her co-founder Gretchen Heber are on a mission, as Michelle explained "to instill curl pride around the world".

(Image of Lorraine Massey from collection of - photograph taken in Dallas, Texas - all rights reserved).

What exactly is the curl pride message that Michelle and Gretchen wish to spread? In essence, according to Michelle, it's for curly heads to "proudly liberate and enjoy their natural curls".

What better way to spread the naturally curl word than to hook up with one of the world's top curl ambassadors? Which is exactly what Michelle and Gretchen have done. Partnering with best selling Curly Girl author and acclaimed curl guru, Lorraine Massey, the partners are throwing a magical all day curl extravaganza in their hometown of Austin, Texas on Saturday, March 25th.

Michelle who is" thrilled with the fabulous opportunity" to gather "curlies from around the country" for a full dose of "curl kinship building", believes so strongly in the need to provide "love your curls" education that she was determined to snag Lorraine "who is such a wonderful curl advocate" as the keynote speaker and workshop guest of honor.

Not only is Lorraine "such an enthusiastic example of curl love and appreciation" she is so wonderful to meet "up close and personal".

(Image of Lorraine Massey from collection of - photograph taken in Dallas, Texas - all rights reserved).

Michelle underlined the fact that Lorraine is just "so inspiring in person" that everyone with curls "should strive to meet her and soak up some of her curl wisdoms".

Lorraine, who has the most spectacular head of shimmering blonde ringlets imaginable, lives and breathes a banish the brush and spare the kinks credo. Her incredibly informative Curly Hair Care seminars, which I have attended in the past, will help traumatized curlies step away from harsh hair care products and practices. Lorraine will literally snatch inappropriate hair brushes out of the clenched fists of ringlet challenged attendees and show them a better way to liberate their curls.

A Rare Treat

Snagging Lorraine for a trip to Austin, according to Michelle, "was a major coup" because she is incredibly busy with Devachan, her wildly popular New York curl centric salon and her exploding Devacurl hair care line, designed specifically for the care and feeding of natural curls.

(Image of Lorraine Massey from the private collection of - photograph taken in Dallas, Texas - all rights reserved).

While the key focus of her visit to the charming heart of Texas is "a full schedule of curl activities with Lorraine", there will be plenty of time for the attendees to hang out, do some serious curl care sharing and have some fun. Even better, attendance at the "first annual Love Your Curls Days" will include goodie bags filled with Devacurl products and a copy of Lorraine's book - Curly Girl which Michelle explained is the "naturally curly hair bible".

Michelle and Gretchen are "so excited about this curl conscious bonding event" that they "rented the Austin Hyatt Hotel" which is a "perfect setting for such a history making experience".


What can you expect to take away from this potentially hair changing event? Total curl inspiration and absolute appreciation. But then, what else could you possibly want?

Space is limited so hurry and sign up now at:

For more info email Michelle Breyer([email protected]). Please tell Michelle that Karen at sent you.

Details: Lorraine Massey & at the Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas What's Included: Lunch, Cocktail Hour, Devacurl Products & Curly Girl Book.

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