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Tom Cavanaugh - 2006

Tom Cavanagh is beloved by TV fans for his now-defunct role on Ed which also featured the ever popular actress Julie Bowen. I was delighted to recently discover the CBS dramedy Love Monkey starring the quirky Cavanagh as (Tom Farrell) an indie record exec. The show was a male version of Sex And The City with Cavanagh playing the Carrie Bradshaw character. Surrounded by three diverse thirtysomething male buddies, Tom's character had to deal with losing his high pressure job and his lady, all in the first episode.

Call me crazy but I loved the low rated show. It had lots of great potential in so many areas. Granted the Indie world was appalled by inconsistencies in featured artist presentations, backdrops and story line accuracies. Whatever! I'm sure that ER and Grey's Anatomy take creative license to help entertain the audiences. Which after all what the whole TV deal is about - entertainment. Well DUH!.

Not only is Tom Cavanagh a witty and engaging actor surrounded by a great cast with many of my favorites (Judy Greer, Jason Priestley, Larenz Tate, Christopher Wiehl, Ivana Milicevic, Katherine La Nasa and Erik Jensen) he is one hot babe that definitely made my heart beat just a little bit faster.

Tom Cavanaugh - 2006

No he isn't drop dead handsome like Eric Bana but he has that brainy with a touch of brattiness that could entice you to skip work and go hang out and down a few margaritas. The man oozes sexy self-confidence.

I was overjoyed to discover that the show's stylists threw caution to the winds and stepped up Tom's Love Monkey character to serve as a poster boy for the current emerging male accessory markets.

Did I say emerging male accessory markets? Yes, I said that and no, you didn't read that wrong. There is a definite trend for males to embrace new fashion accessories and trends.

More and more men, especially in New York, LA, Chicago and Dallas, are surfing a hot new fashion accessory wave that includes donning a diverse mix of headwear that ranges from du-rags, fedoras, and newsboy caps to reverse style baseball caps and berets.

It definitely takes a very confident man who is never banal to embrace the latest men's headwear trends. They are no longer limited to male rockers, movie stars or sports figures.

Du-rags Rock

Tom Cavanaugh - 2006

In classic New York street style, Cavanagh appeared in episodes covering his trendy short hairstyle with rocked up newsboys while displaying his iPod ear buds snuggly in place. During the male basketball bonding rituals he appeared with carefully color co-ordinated du-rags. For a moment I figured that the male version of SATC's Carrie would blow open the trend and soon males everywhere would be was resplendent in edgy headwear. With his character's edgy personal dress and style I figured that series would debunk all sorts of male grooming myths blowing open the salon and spa doors with TV cameras filming future Love Monkey episodes centered around male facial parties and group highlighting. Maybe even an episode centered around the four men showing off their buff, trendy waxed backs in the steam room discussing their ladies. After all, isn't that what men do in the real world? But then what do I know about male bonding rituals?

I say this with tongue in cheek because I love the new trend for men to get with the personal care and fashion accessory program. If that means closing the spa for a men's night out for manicures, pedicures and salt rubs, I am on board.

All Good Things Come To An End

Imagine my angst when I discovered that my adoration for the show was in the minority viewpoint amongst TV fans. Geez, how could everyone have missed the great cast with even better hairstyles? Not a bad hairstyle amongst the bunch.

Tom Cavanaugh & Jason Priestley - 2006

Regardless of my heart throbbing appreciation for Cavanagh or his fabulous hair, accessories and related fashions, CBS got antsy and pushed the cancellation trigger after just three episodes.

Can that really be true?

Yes, it appears that Love is now gone and there will be no more monkeying around on CBS. Many people believe that CBS didn't get the show enough chance to grab an audience or that the time slot wasn't workable to help the show grow. There has been rumors of other networks picking it up and I certainly hope that happens. I for one am a serious fan of the show.


Whether you saw the Love Monkey show or not, love or hate Tom Cavanagh or have donned and/or admired the latest male headgear, note that men's hair and head related accessories are on the popularity upswing. Along with other forms of emerging male accessories such as ear and lapel jewels. The Oscars, which always underscore emerging fashion trends highlighted Ludacris with tightly woven braids and blinding bling on stars such as Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Terrence Howard.

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