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John Legend Recommends Online Dating

John Legend - - All Rights Reserved.

John Legend (born December 28, 1978) was on the Ellen Degeneres show on Friday, February 13th which was Ellen's Valentine's Show since the big day was on Saturday, February 14th.

Ellen told her audience John was one of her "favorite singers" who just took home his sixth Grammy Award at the recent Grammy Awards.

She introduced the "incredible" John Legend who sang "Everybody Knows" for the audience.  He was fabulous as always.

After John, who was wearing his hair very short and natural finished singing, he stopped by the show to answer audience questions about love.  Ellen told her audience she had John on her show because "John is such a romantic guy, he writes really beautiful songs."

Where Do You Meet The Good Guys?

John Legend - - All Rights Reserved.

Two of Ellen's audience members had questions which John Legend answered live on the show. The first question posed to John was where are all the good guys?  Where are the best places to meet the good guys?

John said "don't come on my tour cause the guys on my"

Online Dating

Laughing he said "I'm a fan of this online dating thing. I think people should go online and get matched. Yeah. Because you know, I think you go to clubs, you go to bars, its really dependent on chance and luck to find somebody. But I think online people really find people they really like. I had a friend who got married recently from somebody they met online. You know, I'm for that."

Keeping A Relationship Fresh

John Legend - - All Rights Reserved.

The second question was "how do you keep a relationship fresh and new?"

John said "well for me, I'm lucky because I'm gone all the time so we get to miss each other more. You know. But I think you have to find ways to, I don't know, change up the routine sometimes.  Maybe go away sometimes."  John was serious and said "maybe, you know, go on dates, do things to make it special, make it interesting I think.  Ask Ellen; she probably knows better that I do."

Ellen said "I think, you know, for me, if I, I think sometimes you have to kinda step away, when you're used to seeing the same thing every single day whatever it is, if its a person, a thing, you get used to that.

"You have to step away and look at like: 'what if I'm looking at this person for the very first thing I would be madly in love and I can't believe the luck that I have this person in my life' and that kind of fresh approach every day looking at this person instead of just staring at them every day."

John added to Ellen's great suggestion "I call that a reset.  Sometimes you have to set the reset button."

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