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Trust Me Tom Cavanagh Rocks On TNT

I fell in love with Canadian born actor Tom Cavanagh (October, 26, 1963) when he was Ed Stevens on TV's Ed from 2000 to 2004. Besides having great hair that always seems to look cut and coiffed to perfection, Tom was great, in my humble opinion, on Ed.

Tom wears his hair in a type of medium length shag.  It appears his hair has some natural wave or curl and he looks equally good in a Ceasar style of haircut.

(Image of Tom Cavanagh and Monica Potter on Trust Me - TNT - Karen Neal - All Rights Reserved - But Wait There's More).

I also loved him on the short lived Love Monkey (8 episodes) as the very quirky Tom Farrell.  In that role he wore all sorts of interesting and edgy male fashions including a series of cool hats.

After Love Monkey was canceled by the network it was rumored that it would be picked up by a cable or pay-for-view network.  It never was.

Instead, Tom Cavanagh made a few films before popping up on Scrubs for a six episodes as Dan Dorian.    Then he moved on to play Aaron Stone, Eli Stone's dad on the show starring Jonny Lee Miller, one of Angelina Jolie's ex-husbands.

Tom's role as Aaron Stone was very different then his role on Love Monkey and I thought he was great as the misunderstood dad.

(Image of Tom Cavanagh and Monica Potter on Trust Me - TNT - Art Streiber - All Rights Reserved - But Wait There's More).

Sadly, Eli Stone was canceled.  The good news?  Tom Cavanagh lives in the new TNT show Trust Me co-starring Eric McCormick from Will and Grace as well as Monica Potter.

Trust Me is about a modern day advertising agency but if you think it's like AMC's Mad Men, it's not.

The key to this show will be the interaction and character development of the major characters, Tom, Eric and Monica.  TV Guide did a very recent interview with Tom Cavanagh.

Trust me is what is known as a dramedy and hopefully it will be nutured like TNT's other hits like The Closer and Grace Under Fire.

Both of those TNT shows feature quirky stars with a fabulous group of supporting cast.  Hopefully the bromance of Tom Cavanagh as Conner and Eric as Mason will blossom as they struggle as creative partners in the ever changing world of Web2.0, text messaging and social networking for advertisers.

It's hard to know how a show will develop after just one episode but there were definitely sparks of possibilities.  Or maybe I'm just really hoping this show sticks because I am such a fan of Tom Cavanagh.  Of course I also really like Eric McCormick from his days on Will and Grace and have always like Monica Potter.

Only time will tell but keep your fingers crossed and your TV channels tuned to Trust Me on TNT.

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