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Tintin Rocks Iconic Orange Hair


Tintin Rocks Iconic Orange Hair

Tintin, a beloved European character has landed in the US in a 3-D animated film "The Adventures of Tintin."

The film opened overseas two months ago.

Tintin is famous for a lot of things but hair is definitely part of his signature.  The character was created by Belgian illustrator Hergé in 1928 while he was working at a daily newspaper.

Part of what makes Tintin so recognizable and adorable is his orange tuft of hair which is pointy and extends skyward from his hairline.  It's doesn't hurt that his orange hair tops an adorable round face, button nose and soulful eyes.

Tintin, a boy journalist with an enterprising spirit and a trusty dog named Snowy, became the star of a series of “Adventures of Tintin” comic books that Hergé illustrated until his death in 1983.

The character seemed an ideal match for the director Steven Spielberg, who said he saw much of himself in Tintin and sought to adapt his adventures into a feature film.

Even when Tintin was played by a human character, the hair was carefully constructed to represent the vision of spiky orange hair envisioned by Hergé.

The addition of the orange hair really does make the character unique and adorable.  It's amazing how hair can make sure a difference.

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