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Laura Allen - The Dirt On Her Hair


Laura Allen FX Dirt Premiere 01-02-2007

FX Dirt All Rights Reserved

I first became a fan of Laura Allen (born March 21, 1974 in Portland, Oregon) when I spotted her on The 4400.

She was very convincing as a very beautiful, yet sweet and kind, young woman abducted by aliens.

While it was scary enough to just be popped out of Earth for several years, the poor girl was returned many years later to discover her previous life had completely disappeared.

She went on to fall in love with a very handsome African American fellow abductee and give birth to part human, part alien baby.

While I really enjoyed Laura's character, I was thrilled with the transformation her hair underwent during her appearances on the hit series.

At one point her hair was coiffed into a stunning blonde bob bestowing the appearance of a smoking hot rock diva rather than a new mom with an alien baby.

Sadly Laura's character was killed off the 4400 series and she disappeared. It was very disappointing to lose such a fabulous actress and interesting character.

Imagine my excitement when I noticed her appearance on the Red Carpet at Dirt's Premiere. I hit the speed dial on my cell and left Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell a message quizzing him about Laura.

Laura Allen F/X Dirt 01-02-2007

FX Dirt All Rights Reserved

Was she somehow connected with the show? Did he know her? Did she have gorgeous hair?

Robert, who is Dirt star Courteney Cox Arquette's hairdresser confirmed Laura's appearance in the pilot as well in some ongoing episodes.

He responded to my questions by saying "Laurie is just lovely, very sweet and very beautiful". Unfortunately for me, Robert didn't do Laura's hair but gave major kudos to the show's hairdressers.

I have to agree, Laura's hair was stunning throughout the entire pilot episode.

With her petite build and big eyes, she looks fantastic in her short sleek bob. Her buttery blonde tresses were shimmering. She truly looked like the superstar actress, Julia Mallory, she plays on the show.

To prove what a great actress she is, I was stunned by her portrayal of Julia.

Laura's version of Julia was nothing like her 4400 character.

Laura Allen FX Dirt Premiere Red Carpet Appearance December 2006 All Rights Reserved

In fact, my sympathies were initially with Holt McClaren (Josh Stewart), her washed out actor boyfriend.

Not only did Laura's character cheat on her downtrodden beau, she popped Ecstasy (E), smoked pot and enjoyed some X rated adult activities.

Pretty much what most people would assume occurs on a regular basis in the lives of Hollywood Honeys. Which only goes to prove Laura is as talented as she is gorgeous.


Beside's Laura's stunning sleek bob, her edgy performance as a hedonistic star and her interactions with her boyfriend, the show offered lots of other fascinating hooks.

Hopefully with the gorgeous Courteney as the star of Dirt and the fascinating Ian Hart as schizophrenic photographer Don Konkey (where did they get that name) willing to do just about anything to get the goods on the celebrities the show holds promise for the future.

One thing's for sure. I will be glued to my TIVO every week making sure I don't miss a single second of Dirt.


Dirt is on FX on Monday evenings at 10 EST, 9 CST

Created by Matthew Carnahan; Mr. Carnahan, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Joel Fields, executive producers; Chris Long and Dave Flebotte, co-executive producers; Sally Robinson, consulting producer; Thea Mann, producer; Joe DeOliveira, associate producer. Produced by Sascha Schneider.

With: Courteney Cox (Lucy Spiller), Ian Hart (Don Konkey), Josh Stewart (Holt McLaren), Jeffrey Nordling (Brent Barrow), Laura Allen (Julia Mallory), Timothy Bottoms (Gibson Horne) and Will McCormack (Leo Spiller).

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