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Kiely Williams: Cheetah Girl Hair


Kiely Williams The Cheetah Girls - All Rights Reserved

Kiely Williams is the lovely 20 year old performer (July 9, 1986 in Alexandria, Virginia) who has recently been thrust into the spotlight as one of the members of The Cheetah Girls.

The British actress (born July 26, 1945) is known for her public comments about "being famous for being cool about not being gorgeous." Except ironically she is. Gorgeous that is, along with being outspoken, feisty, earthy and very sexy.

Her hair is another award winning story. Dame Helen (her official British title) appeared at the Emmy, where she was a presenter, with breathtaking snowy tresses coiffed into a sleek chin length bob style with lots of shimmer and movement.

Whether her hue was a shade of the white blonde family or akin to the gray color group, she looked memorable. Her shimmering icy white gown with matching wrap was sophisticated and elegant. She is a great icon for all women over 60 (she just turned 61) who feel great in their own skin. Unlike some unnamed over 60 celebs who try to shave years off with too-young fashions, Helen look fabulously age-appropriate.

Helen's Historic Hairstyles

Helen's 2006 Emmy hairstyle was very current. She wore her sleek bob-style with a soft panel of side-swept strands that caressed her glowing face.

Hairstyles have been a key element in many of Helen's award winning characterizations. As Elizabeth I she was required to wear a series of elaborate wigs. Helen also won a past Emmy for her portrayal of a dumpy version of Ayn Rand with hair that was completely slicked back and bland.

Steal Helen's Snow White Strands

Hugh Laurie & Helen Mirren 2006 Emmy Awards

NBC - All Rights Reserved

Helen's Emmy bob is a 2006 version of a twenties-style bob that she glams up with a slightly ruffled perimeter. The key to Helen's cut is an abbreviated length with the longest strands just graze Helen's jawline.

It is important to remember that white, platinum or similarly colored hair tends to be more coarse, brittle and definitely dry. It is important to religiously follow a ongoing deep conditioning regiment to keep hair soft, silky and shiny.

Consider adopting a formal hair care regime that addresses the special challenges of dry, chemically treated hair or a complete program for the treatment of colored hair:

1. Shampoo hair in lukewarm water with Phytojoba Gentle Regulating Milk Shampoo for Dry Hair. This gentle formula will soothe, protect and detangle dry strands with rich jojoba and coconut oils.

2. Pump up shine and overall hair strength with Phytosesame Conditioner applied as a rinse-out conditioner. This yummy treatment is enriched with a blend of sesame, cocoa butter, shea butter and castor plant oils. Apply to hair after shampoo has been completely rinsed out and then gently squeeze excess water out of your strands with your fingers. Apply the Phytosesame to the ends and middle concentrating this fabulous treatment on the dry areas of your hair. Leave on for 5 minutes or more in the shower.

3. Towel blot hair to remove excess moisture and detangle from the ends to the roots. Apply Phyto 7 to hair as a leave-in treatment. Phyto 7 is a 100 percent natural plant-based, leave-in treatment that softens, hydrates, revitalizes and helps to mend split ends with seven special plant extracts.

Hugh Laurie & Helen Mirren 2006 Emmy Awards - All Rights Reserved

Note: In between shampoo treatments utilize Phyto's Huile d'Ales Revitalizing Botanical Oil deep conditioning treatment. Huile d'Ales will treat your dry, chemically treated tresses to a revitalizing botanical oil that smoothes and hydrates brittle hair and helps to ment split ends with a 100 percent natural blend of essential oils of sage, rosemary and juniper.

4. Apply a volumizing treatment like PhytoVolume Actif (with volumizing blend of keratin amino acids) to the roots to achieve lots of fullness and movement.

5. Use a round boar's bristle brush or Mason Pearson brush of mixed boar and nylon along with a blow dryer equipped with an air concentrator. Direct the air flow from the roots down the hair shaft to the ends for a super shiny look.

6. Touch up the style either with a flat iron to make hair super straight or use a small barrel curling iron to add a touch of movement or flicks to the very ends.

7. Add optional shine by applying a drop of shine serum to the palms of your hands and then swipe over the top of your finished strands.

8. Dress the look up with a thin headband in a constrasting shade or attach a diamond style hairclip, hair pin or barrette to one side near the ear.

Hair That Is White, Silver Or Gray

Helen Mirren - All Rights Reserved

White hair, whether bleached platinum or hair that has been allowed to naturally turn white, silver or gray has a tendency to not only to be brittle and dry, it can also take on subtle yellow or even slight green tints.

Besides utilizing an at-home hair care program designed to moisture and neutralize dryness, consider alternating your moisturizing shampoo with one designed to brighten your strands.

Phytargent Shampoo is a whitening shampoo for grey, white or highlighted hair. Chamomile azulene restores silver highlights, lanoline softens and hydrates to eliminate coarseness.

Other tips for having fabulous white, silver or gray strands includes:

1. Schedule regular salon deep conditioning treatments.

2. Minimize use of hot styling tools and blow dryers which may accelerate the development of yellow and green tints, especially on gray or white strands.

3. Have ends regularly trimmed to prevent the development of split ends and frizz.



Matt has dreamt of being an actor since he was twelve years old. He aggressively pursued his goals by moving to LA right after high school. If you would like to catch Matt in action, check out the KYLE XY series which follows a mysterious boy who looks like a teenager, but otherwise appears to be a newborn. The series is produced by Touchstone and executive producers J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress, and David Himelfarb.

Going Gray, Looking Great: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Unfading Glory by Diana Lewis Jewell (Fireside, 2004). This comprehensive guide to styling and caring for gray hair is recommended by stylists and hair care Web sites.

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