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Ken Paves: The Man Behind The Celebrity Hairdresser's Chair


Ken Paves 2006

Courtesy Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to closely study Ken Paves (virtually non-stop) for the past 4 1/2 years and have exchanged many communications with this brilliantly talented hairdresser during that time.

I have watched him create every imaginable hairstyle on a list of celebrities that would make any human totally dizzy with disbelief.

Although Ken is known by the masses for his celebrated work with Jessica Simpson, the reality of the situation is that Ken was working with superstars like Jennifer Lopez and Heather Locklear before he crossed karmic paths with the beautiful blonde songbird.

In fact, at one point I was surprised to read that one of Ken's very first celebrity clients was super model Nikki Taylor. Yes, he confirmed that he had in fact worked with the gorgeous model and enjoyed the experience.

Many people may not be aware of Ken's never ending list of celebrities that he worked with before he met his most famous client - Jessica Simpson.

Ken is very careful not to publicize some of the celebrity names that he has worked with unless they are comfortable with him talking about their tresses to the media. He is also leery of referencing his work with a celebrity if it is limited to just a cover shot for a fashion magazine or a limited run of hair style work.

Ken is very modest and always more concerned about the welfare of his clients than promoted himself. In fact, he is often reticent to promote his great hair successes to the media due to his never ending respect for his very famous clients.

Always Giving 1000%

Ken Paves 2006

Courtesy Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Not only is Kenney (as his close friends call him) one of the hardest working people on this planet, he is probably the absolute best hairdresser I have ever had the extreme privilege to watch transform hair from average to spectacular in record time.

Besides always giving 1000% to every client, he gives of himself every minute of the day.

In April of 2006 Ken invited me to visit him "behind the scenes" of the HairUWear photo shoot for the new Ken Paves' HairDo line which Ken and Jessica developed.

No other media was allowed at the event which extended for two full days and long grueling days of never ending camera shots.

I was stunned Ken had arranged for me to be there "as his special invitation" as a gift to me.

As usual Ken worked non-stop for the entire shot creating lots of little Ken Paves miracles along the way.

A Ken Paves Hair Miracle

Ken Paves 2005

Courtesy Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

The first day of the shoot was a typical hurry-up-and-wait grueling day and lasted until the very late hours of the evening.

During the course of the day Ken learned about one of the crew members whose life had just hit several rough spots including the loss of her beloved pet.

Even though it was approaching midnight at the end of the first day, Ken insisted the woman sit down in his chair for an instant makeover.

Never mind that Ken had been working nonstop since literally daybreak and looked completely exhausted.

He picked up his magical scissors and lovingly finger combed her strands soothingly promising a fabulous new hair cut and style.

Channeling the Energizer Bunny this amazing man instantly got another wind - from where I will never know - and set to the task of making this woman feel better. Indeed, I was watching a Ken Paves miracle in action.

The woman visibly relaxed into the chair. Ken turned up his normal compassion setting to the top of the range and gently yet expertly started carving perfect new layers into this lucky lady's overgrown shag.

He talked to her softly and then cracked a few jokes which turned the lights back on in her eyes. It was almost surreal watching this spontaneous hair event except for the fact that the entire room was brimming with models, makeup artists and other people packing up for the night.

Ken and his hair client were lost in their own private bubble while he lovingly, and on the fly, designed an eye popping new hairstyle just for her.

As he explained to me the very first day I met him "whoever he is working with, whether a superstar or not, they get his undivided attention".

Indeed, when Ken is working on a client he turns off cell and is virtually out of every communication loop. Over the years I have never known Ken to break his Golden Rule of giving his clients his absolute undivided attention.

A Ken Paves Hair Miracle

Ken Paves Operation Smile Gala 2006

Courtesy Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

He precisely snipped, clipped and combed evoking memories of Edward Scissorhands. Yet his client exhibited absolute and total trust.

Less than 30 minutes later this sad woman was completely transformed into a smiling, laughing person with a brilliant new hairstyle.

Her custom designed Ken Paves style was stunning and keyed perfectly to her face shape.

She offered to pay him for his work and this man who charges many hundreds of dollars for his work waved her away explaining that "it was his gift to her" because she was going through a bad time in her life.

The next day the female crew member arrived on set with her new shag and it was hard to believe she was the same person from the day before. She walked with a new spring in her step and was laughing and smiling unlike the day before Ken worked his hair miracle on her.

If this sounds unbelievable, it is. Except for the fact that I have watched it happen over and over again. Ken is overflowing with love and compassion and is always looking for a way to share his good fortune with others.

You might think this would the exception to the rule. Not so. I have witnessed this type of Ken Paves miracle hair transformations repeatedly over the 4 1/2 years I have been observing his handiwork.

What You See Is What You Get

Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson 2006

Courtesy Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Over the past 4 1/2 years I have written many articles highlighting Ken's work with his many "girls" including Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra, Jessica and Ashlee.

What I have learned about Ken is that while he expects me to provide the most precise details about the styling aspects of his work, he also wishes that I never include anything that might make anyone feel bad.

A good example is the time that Ken and Jessica were in the media during the filming of Employee Of The Month. The producers had decided to have Jessica grow out her darker roots for the role.

When I initially described Jessica's character I referred to her dark roots and blonde hair in a way that might be less than flattering to some people. Ken asked me to change any reference that might be demeaning to anyone.

I was impressed he had considered how everyone might react to the topic of blonde hair with darker roots. It was a very small detail but again it showcased his natural compassion for people. This man has a heart that is as big as Texas.

Why Ken Paves Is Such A Smash Hit

When Ken was doing Carmen Electra's hair for her nuptials he took me along via his cell phone. I heard Carmen in the background say "she was not one bit nervous about her wedding because her best friend - Ken was there and he was taking care of everything for her". Indeed, Ken devoted himself completely to Carmen on his big day.

Ken will do the same for any bride, famous or not, whose hair he coiffs. He will give any bride in his chair his undivided attention, which every bride deserves.

I know without a doubt that Ken will also not rest until his charge is absolutely thrilled with her bridal hairstyle. Ken hovered over Carmen until the absolute last minute before she walked down the aisle and he will be right by any bride's side smoothing loose tendrils until the very last second.

In his own right, Ken Paves is a superstar. The papparrizi follow Ken often ignoring lesser celebrities in his immediate presence. Yet Ken is still the hard working Ken Paves who struggled, starved and paid his dues to ascend up the later of celebrity hairdresser success. In the early years he worked nights in clubs doing hair to make enough money to buy food and pay his rent.

He completely understands where his celebrity clients come from and what they have had to do to achieve success. That's because he's been through the same struggles himself for many years. That common experience level that he shares with his celebrity clients builds instant trust.

As he told me once he's "grown up with many of his long time clients" like Jennifer Lopez, Carmen and Jessica. Indeed he has and Ken is not only their celebrity hairdresser making them look gorgeous 24/7, he is their trusted best friend whose is there for them whenever they need him to be.


Ken Paves is a very gifted hairdresser who has honed his hairstyling skills to absolute world class perfection due to many years of non-stop work with hair. He has been making celebrities gorgeous for many years and will continue to be the go-to guy for both celebrities and non-celebrities that want the very best that the hairdressing world can offer.

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