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Ken Paves On Eva Longoria's Hair


Eva Longoria in Brigitte Bardot inspired hairstyle

Image of "Bardo-esque" Eva Longoria GQ Magazine Golden Globe Nominees Party 01-13-2006 Hair by Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Renowned celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves is the Sultan of Style. Eva Longoria, as Gabrielle Solis, was the Darling Desperate "favorite" Housewife of many of the 22+ million addicted fans around the world.

So what do you get when you cross a fabulously talented hairdresser with a housewife who just happens to be a beautiful former beauty queen (Miss Corpus Christi 1998)?

How about eye popping, mouth dropping, spectacular hairstyles which sizzle on the Red Carpets, capture the rapt attention of the paparazzi and dazzle the fashion pundits.

If you follow the world of celebrity hairdressing you might not be aware of the fact that the luscious lady from Texas crossed the border into the inspired strand world of Ken Paves and his celebrated "girls", as Ken lovingly refers to his stellar stable of clients.

In truth, the union of the Texan formerly known as the "dark ugly one" (a childhood nickname from her fair haired older sisters) and the youngest son of a Detroit auto worker who fought hard for his place in the world of hair, is truly a match made in entertainment hair heaven.

Expect Ken Paves and Eva Longoria to be working together for many years to come. Ken, is famous for his undying dedication and loyalty to his celebrity clients. He has been known to fly across country in the middle of the night for his "girls".

Perfect Hair

Eva Longoria With Ali McGraw inpsired hairstyle

Image of "Ali McGraw-esque" at Gala Opening of Harry Winston Flagship Store, Beverly Hills, CA 01-11-2006 Hair by Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Ken agrees with my gushing assessment about the union of the petite brunette beauty and the Hollywood hairdresser. When asked to describe his recent work with Eva, it was hard to keep up with his rapid fire descriptions - even for me - who has four years of "Ken Paves speak" under my belt.

Exalting her "amazing beauty and versatility" Ken confided that the actress, a L'Oreal spokesperson, has "perfect hair".

Ken was not being cliché or overly exuberant. On the contrary, I have never known him to tell me anything that he doesn't truly believe deep in his heart.

For one of Hollywood's most inspired hairdresser to tell me that Eva has tresses that are "perfection - the most amazing hair in the entire world" is truly noteworthy.

Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves

Image of Ken Paves Courtesy Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Reminiscing about the photo shoot that he did with Eva for British Glamour he recounted how he "coiffed her into a stunning Veronica Lake hairstyle" which was "absolutely breathtaking".

But then, he pointed out, "Eva can look stunning in long, short, up, down, straight, curly or wavy styles".

Depending upon her mood, the event, the gown and the accessories, Ken can whip up sassy, sexy, chic, playful, cool, elegant or a combination.

So why is her hair "perfect"? Because, as Ken explained, "it's thick, super healthy, lush" and has "a natural wave which easily takes any style" he deems to create. According to the hair maestro, "Eva's hair holds forever and ever, or until you wash it out".

Since hair is Ken's artistic medium of choice, Eva's hair is the "absolute dream canvas which constantly challenges his creative limits and pushes him even harder to ascend new levels of artistic achievement".

Not "since he started working with Jessica Simpson", Ken noted, has he been "so excited or so absolutely inspired, as with Eva".

His Inspiration

Eva Longoria with Long Over-The-Shoulder Lush Hairstyle

Eva Longoria As Seen In....Harper's Bazaar" Presented by L'Oreal Paris to Benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund 12-08-05 Hair by Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Ken confessed "he draws inspiration" for the collection of mind-blowing styles he has crafted for Eva over the past year from 70s sirens Ali McGraw and Christy Turlington. He has also been inspired by glamorous film stars such as Bridgette Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner.

While Ken has a special flair for molding his hair model of the moment into an array of modern interruptions of the glamour girls of the past, the true secret of his genius is the ability to plug into the hard core essence of each subject.

Which is exactly what Ken does with Eva. Confessing he is "so grateful" for her "enthusiastic collaboration" and "willingness to be completely open with Ken" speaks volumes.

Ken Paves is able to ascend amazing creative heights with his hair subjects because he literally merges a part of his soul with theirs. This allows him to translate their innermost core beauty into true works of hair art.

Golden Globes

Ken has the standard Hollywood hairdresser rules which apply to the major award ceremonies. To prevent hurt feelings or politically incorrect behavior, he always commits to do the hair of whomever books him first.

Truth be told, he has dillydallied with more than one head of actress hair in the "old days" before he realized it's humanly impossible, even with the help of a helicopter and a fleet of limos, to do more than one actress at a time for any major red carpet event.

Eva Longoria with soft center parted updo

Image of Eva Longoria Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party - Sponsored by People Magazine 09-2005 Hair by Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

This year Ken confided he was "booked with Eva for the Golden Globes". Although he confirmed he had viewed her gorgeous gown, he was "sworn to secrecy about any of the details".

Knowing Ken the way that I have come to know him over the past ten years, I would expect nothing less. Discretion is his middle name. If I wanted to tell anyone a secret I know would be guarded to the grave, Ken Paves would the person I would tell.

I pumped him for details of Eva's Golden Globes hairstyle. Although he was more than willing to share, the problem is that he admitted to "not being certain yet of what style he might whip up".

He reminded me "the ultimate hairstyle he creates" would depend on a series of factors ranging from "Eva's mood, the way her dress looks on her, the type of jewels she selects and even her makeup".

Pointing out "fashion drives the total look" he commented since Eva is always "so collaborative about everything that they do together with her hair" he is going to "wait until she is dressed to make the final decision about whether he does her hair up, down or somewhere in between".

Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves with hair tools

Image of Ken Paves Courtesy Ken Paves Al Rights Reserved

Actually, it's not uncommon for the very best celebrity hairdressers to "go with the flow" for major awards ceremonies.

While they will usually have a few looks sketched out in their heads so they can be prepared with add-on hair or other important accessories, most, like Ken will wait to capture the best possible hair style which fits with the mood of the moment.

Since Ken can work at the speed of lightening (which I have personally witnessed), whether Eva does loose or structured, long or short, the man with the magic hands will whip up a new masterpiece.

Styling Secrets

Ken emits a playful, sassy vibe, but anyone who has been in his chair knows he takes his work very seriously. I've learned over the years when Ken is working with his client-of-the-moment, the world around him stops for that person.

He is 1000% "committed to doing his absolute best for the person" who has fortuitously "booked his time". This commitment includes ignoring the incessant ringing of his cell phone or attention on anyone or anything else.

The room could be on fire and Ken might not notice. Nor would he care as long as his client looked ravishing. With his favorite blow dryer slung gunslinger style in his belt loop he is a whirlwind of frenzied activity chiseling out his eventual tress masterpiece.

Eva Longoria with long loose sassy hair

Image of Eva Longoria The Trevor Project's 8th Annual "Cracked Xmas" Benefit 12-04-05 Hair by Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

When I watched him work on Jessica some years ago he reminded me of a cross between Jim Carrey in The Mask and Peter Pan.

The winged whirling dervish hairdresser uses only the best hair care products on all of his clients, including Eva's "really healthy, super shiny, lush locks." Some of his favorites over the years have included Phyto and Rene Furterer, to name just a few.

Depending on what look he is crafting, he will also use a range of hot tools such as curling or flat irons, hot or self-adhesive rollers or his special X crossed bobby pins.


Eva Longoria is the darling of the media. She appears constantly on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and other entertainment shows.

She is a true fixture in the celebrity magazines where everyone wants to know what's she's wearing, whom she's with and where she's going. One thing is for certain, she's snagged herself the very best hairdresser that Hollywood can offer.

If you don't believe me, just check out her tresses on any Red Carpet which will be award winning in their own right, when Ken Paves is the last to have his hands in her strands.

The Hollywood Hairdresser and The Housewife are destined for hair brilliance for all of eternity.

- Revised Publication Date: 09/29/12

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