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American Singer Songwriter Ke$ha (Kesha Rose Sebert) was born March 1, 1987 in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California.

She is more popularly known by the stylized stage name or mononym Ke$ha which substitutes a dollar sign for the "s" in her first name.

Although she began her music career in 2006, her big break only happened recently, in 2009 appearing on Flo Rida’s number one single, “Right Round.”

Kei$ha's debut single "Tik Tok" was later released in October of 2009 preceding the release of her debut album "Animal" which was released on January 5, 2010.

Ke$ha's Hairstyles

The 22 year old singer who turns 23 in March of 2010, is famous for her wild child hairstyles. She wears her hair long with a light honey blonde base interwoven with a multi-dimensional array of highlights and lowlights.

Ke$ha has platinum blonde highlights throughout her side-swept messy fringe and bordering her hairline which makes her beautiful almost shaped eyes literally pop.

Ke$ha's natural hair texture is a combination of waves and curls which she plays up in a big way with her hairstyle selections. She appears to have medium thick tresses which are naturally coarse. Since her hair is heavily highlighted and lowlighted it would require regular conditioning treatments.

Depending on her fashions, Kei$ha weaves in a range of dramatic contrasting colors including charcoal and matte black along with various brights colors.

Ke$ha's hair for the cover of her first CD "Animal" showcases her multi-deminsional hair colors with the lighter highlights around her face and she wears it in a classic half up/half down style which shows off the natural wavy texture and the much darker strands underneath her blonde highlights. It's a classic hairstyle with lots of sass and edge.

Ke$ha's Early Roots


Ke$ha's early life was influenced her current music career. Her mother, Pebe Sebert, was also a singer and songwriter who struggled to support her two children, Kei$ha and her older brother. While Kei$ha was an infant, her mom would take her onstage while she was performing.

After eventually winning a publishing deal in 1991, Ke$ha's mom took her two children and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. As a result of the move, Kei$ha spent her early years attending a music school in the neighboring countryside.

While she was growing up Ke$ha's mom took her daughter to recording studios with her and encouraged her daughter to sing.

As a result, Ke$ha was exposed to the music of many country music artists and learned to write songs. Featured in an episode of "The Simple Life" reality TV show with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, Ke$ha had an incident where she actually vomited in the closet of Paris Hilton.

Taking Her Act To Los Angeles

At the age of seventeen she dropped out of Brentwood High School in Nashville to return to Los Angeles and pursue her music career full time.

She decided that she wanted Prince to produce her music, so she found his Beverly Hills home and snuck into it. Once she was discovered, she was promptly thrown out, but not before she dropped off her demo with Prince himself. Her demo was carefully wrapped in a purple bow, the favorite color of Prince.

Kei$ha managed to survive a on low income and few gigs while pursuing her music career at first. At first she did some moonlighting as a waitress to make ends meet while furthering her music career in studios with different producers.

During this time she met Dr. Luke who had come across her demos and was so impressed he contacted her with Max Martin. They began a working relationship immediately.

Between 2006 and 2009, Ke$ha music appeared in a variety of media, her song “Former Overexposed Blonde” appeared in "Degrassi: The Next Generation", while “Backstabber” and “Chain Reaction” were used in the MTV reality TV show "The Hills".

Kei$ha Performs on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

During this time, she also co-wrote The Veronicas’ single, “This Love”, sang background vocals for Britney Spears’ song “Lace and Leather” and appeared in the video for Katy Perry’s single, “I Kissed a Girl”

Her appearance in the video arose due to her being friends with Perry, they met frequently as aspiring pop singers in Los Angeles and shared many musical collaborators. Ke$ha currently lives in a shared mansion in Laurel Canyon.

Persistently she gained exposure in the mainstream media after being featured on Flo Rida’s single, “Right Round”.

The collaboration came about when Flo Rida decided that the song needed a female voice, Ke$ha was then roped in for the part after being suggested by Dr. Luke, who was producing the song. Flo Rida liked the end result so much that he invited her to guest on another song, “Touch Me”, for his album.

She turned down an offer to appear in the video for “Right Round”, because she wanted to strike out on her own.

Soon after, it was announced that she had signed with RCA Records through Dr. Luke and was working on her debut album which was released on January 5, 2010 in the US.

Ke$ha's Musical Debut

Ke$ha's debut album immediately stole the top spot on Itunes Albums, gaining her both new fans and critics alike. Her first single, “TiK ToK”, was officially released to US radio on October 5, 2009. It features a cameo appearance by Diddy, which is not credited, but who is the inspiration for Kei$ha's song.

In an interview with MTV Sweden for MTV Push, Ke$ha explained that her debut album would be called "Animal".

On March 27, 2009, she appeared onstage alongside 3OH!3 at one of their concerts at Avalon Hollywood to perform their duet, “My First Kiss”. She also performed at that year’s Lollapalooza as part of the BMI Stage.


Watch for Ke$ha's career to continue to skyrocket in 2011. Ke$ha musical credits in 2009 and 2010 include work for Teen Cribs. She had previously performed background cues for My Super Sweet 16 as well, co-writing the title song for Miley Cyrus’ The Time of Our Lives EP and featured appearances on Pitbull and Taio Cruz’s albums.

She also revealed in an interview with DigitalSpy she had written a song for Rihanna. Ke$ha has also been a supporting act of Calvin Harris on tour in the UK and has performed with Mickey Avalon on multiple tour dates.

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