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Jessica Alba: Hair Stories


Jessica Marie Alba is one of those stars that became an "overnight success" that only took her eleven years to achieve.

(Image of Jessica Alba at Young Hot Hollywood Style Awards - April 13, 2005 - Phyto by David Edwards/Daily

Even though the stunning actress is burning up the theaters with her sizzling portrayal as stripper Nancy Callahan in Sin City, most people know her from television's 2000 Dark Angel Sci-Fi hit series. As the gorgeous, genetically enhanced, super-human heroine Max Guevara, Jessica kicked some serious enemy butt. Her character was famous for sporting a bar coded tattoo. Sadly, Dark Angel only lasted until 2002.

The 24 year old Taurus derives her exotic beauty from a French-Danish mother and Mexican, Indian and Spanish father. The mixed parentage has posed some acting challenges for the rising star due to ultimate confusion about her ultimate ethnic heritage.

(Image of Jessica Alba at Movieline's Hollywood Life's 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood, CA - May 5, 2005 - Phyto by David Edwards/Daily

Many hip-hop fans loved her role in the 2003 film Honey which showcased her performing complicated dance routines. It has been reported by the media that Jessica took rigorous training in both dance and Tae Bo so that she could perform her own stunts.

Jessica's dedication to channeling the true essence of her characters is no surprise. After all, she was totally dedicated to whipping her body into shape during her Dark Angel role. It has been reported that Jessica worked out seven days a week to evolve into a super hard body.

From Mocha To Honey

There is no question that Jessica is a striking beauty. In fact, she was voted #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 Babe List for 2001 while she was starring on Dark Angel. She also came in at #6 on FHM's Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll and #12 in Stuff magazine's 102 Sexiest Women in the World.

(Image of Jessica Alba at Dark Angel Premiere Party - September 9, 2000 - Phyto by Mark Ragonese/Daily

Joining the ranks of Sarah Jessica Parker and Heather Locklear, Jessica did a brief stint as a celebrity spokesperson for hair color giant, L'Oreal. In a previous interview the beauty explained that "for the L'Oreal commercial her hair was dyed Feria Ruby Fusion". She loved it because it made her "feel like a rock star" Why? Well because "everyone looks at your head if you have red hair". Sadly she had to dye it back to a rich brunette color for Dark Angel.

By birth her natural hair color is a deep rich mocha brown. Like all celebrities in the public eyes, Jessica has experimented over the years with a wide range of hues from light blonde to deeper honey shades.

When Jessica first broke through in her Dark Angel role (image shown above), she was sporting very long dark locks parted right down the center, falling into loose curls that nestled along her shoulder tops.

(Image of Jessica Alba at Maxim Party - June 11, 2003 - Photo by David Edwards/Daily

Since those early Dark Angel days, Jessica has morphed through a variety of hairstyles from shoulder length to short and from dark mocha to very light blonde.

In 2003 Jessica appeared at the June Maxim Hot 100 Party with a long eye skimming fringe framing a sassy shoulder length shaggy bob.

Her hair color was much lighter than previously with a light caramel base carefully kissed with random ribbons of shimmering blonde.

In November of 2004 Jessica stepped into the blonde ranks, adopting a honey golden hue with an array of pinstriped highlights and lowlights. She went back to a center part with her straightened strands hugging either side of her cheeks.

(Image of Jessica Alba at 4th Annual Fashion Forward Luncheon - November 13, 2004 - Photo by David Edwards/Daily

Although some of her fans preferred the darker tresses, adopting a much lighter shade made her big dark eyes pop and opened up her entire face.

So how does she feel about changing her hair color? Jessica is such a fun loving person that she has confessed in interviews that "she has gone every color but platinum". Can we expect the hot star to keep changing her hairstyle and color? Most definitely.

During 2005 Jessica has shown a preference to keep her honey blonde look while continuing to go progressively shorter.

(Image of Jessica Alba at 2005 Sin City Premiere - March 28, 2005 - Photo by David Edwards/Daily

At her most recent appearance at the May 6, 2005 Lint Awards, she had her hair clipped into an edgy, cropped blonde look with lots of choppy layers. All signs of both her center part and her bangs were completely gone.

Steal Her Look

Although you might not believe it from looking at her, Jessica is challenged by a pesky cowlick and fly-away frizz. She keeps both at bay with the help of a hair wax. She also prefers wash and wear hair putting her newly washed hair, when it is longer, "up in pigtails, braids or a ponytail" and using her fingers to tousle it dry when it is shorter. Letting her short crop air dry is actually healthier than using a hot blow dry that might strip the color or dry out her tresses further.

Of course Jessica has access to a stable of celebrity hairdressers to coif her to perfection for her red carpet strolls and movie premieres.

(Image of Jessica Alba at 2005 Lint Awards - May 6, 2005 - Photo by David Edwards/Daily

STEP 1 Jessica's hair has been heavily highlighted and colored for years. This tends to make hair dry and prone to the fly-a-ways and frizz that Jessica experiences.

To protect bleached, blonde highlighted or colored tresses, start by rinsing hair completely with lukewarm water. Keep in mind that hotter temperatures will speed up fading and dry hair even further.

Select a super moisturizing shampoo formula like Phytojoba or one designed for colored hair like Phytocitrus. For ultra dry or super fragile strands, use the dry hair formulas and dilute the shampoo for extra gentleness.

Tips For Diluting Shampoo

To dilute shampoo mix 1 part of your favorite product in a freshly washed container with 8-10 parts of warm water. Shake until the mixture forms a suds.

Drizzle the suds over the top of your crown and pat into wet strands. Gently drizzle some of the sudsy formula down the length of your strands. Pat carefully.

Apply only one shampoo application. Rinse well with lukewarm water.

If your hair is very prone to extreme dryness or frizz, consider adopting one of the Phyto Special Treatment programs in for dry hair or for fighting frizz.


Gently squeeze excess water out of the strands. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner with your fingers. Match the conditioning product to your hair type, texture and condition.

Work the conditioner into the driest parts of your hair. Leave on for up to five minutes. Rinse well. Finish with a cool to cold water rinse.


Towel blot your strands to remove excess drippage. Apply your favorite detangling product or leave-in conditioning product based on your type, texture and current condition of your strands.

Keep in mind that if you have fine or thin strands, you will want to use a very light detangling spray. For medium to thicker strands, use a heavier conditioning product.

If you are prone to frizz, experiment with frizz fighting formulas like Phytodefrisant or John Frieda Frizz Ease that help provide a sleeker smoother finish.


If you want to go for Jessica's sleek straight style, be sure to either apply a defrisant product like Phytodefrisant or a straightening balm like Robert Hallowell's Flat Factor.

(Image of Jessica Alba at Step Up - Photo by David Edwards/Daily

Distribute a dime-sized dollop of the product of your choice into the palms of your hands and mix well. Use your fingers to work the product completely through your tresses.


Separate your hair into 2" sections and blow dry with a large round brush, starting near the back of the head and working around to the front on either side.

Beginning at the back of your head, blow-dry hair in half-inch pieces using a large round brush. To create extra volume, hold brush in the hair near the scalp until the hair cools (about five seconds), then move the brush down and through to the ends of the hair.


To create a super straight finish, use a hot flat iron to touch up any sections that require a smoother texture.


If desired, spray lightly with the hairspray of your choice. Finish with a shine serum or spray. Apply to the palms of your hands and lightly brush across the surface of your hair.

Optional Alba Looks

If you prefer to go with Jessica messy, choppy bedhead look, follow all of the steps above until Step 5. Skip the blow drying and let tresses air dry instead.

Use your fingertips to tousle the ends to get that edgy look that Jessica wore at the Lint Awards.

(Image of Jessica Alba at 2005 Lint Awards - May 6, 2005 - Photo by David Edwards/Daily


Jessica Alba is on fire. She is scheduled to appear in two more movies for 2005 including Into the Blue with Paul Walker and Ashley Scott and is already lining up new roles for 2006. Watch for great things to come for this hot young star in the future.

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