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JERKYFLEA's Fall 2001 TV Hair Guide


Howdy hair fans, your old pal JerkyFlea here. If you're like me (and as I've said before, who wouldn't want to be?), you've been waiting with baited breathe (whatever the heck that means) for the new Fall TV premieres.

Not because you want confirmation that Rachel is pregnant or that President Bartlett is running for reelection, but because you want to see what happened to the stars' coifs over the summer. Heck, you haven't seen most of them since last May, so they've had a good 4 or 5 months in which to screw it up. Others are coming back to TV on new series or for the first time and you get to see THEM for the first time possibly in years.

How do you know which ones to keep an eye out for? Well, that's why they pay me the big bucks (that is, those giant phony bills you get in Spencer's Gifts). With apologies to my man Steve at "Blue's Clues", I'm here to provide you with a handy, dandy notebook's worth of info that you can print and put beside the TV to reference as you seek out the new shows. And once all the premieres have passed, it'll make a swell coaster. So, who should you be watching for in the coming weeks? Well...

  • JENNA ELFMAN, "Dharma and Greg". For the past year, Jenna had been growing her hair longer in various ill-conceived styles. Well, over the summer, she came to the conclusion that Dharma is a "short hair" kinda gal and got it chopped off from below her shoulders to, well, no one exactly knows. The original short Dharma style looked awesome (sorry, just went through puberty again there) on her, but the only pics I've seen of this version have shown a ear-length bob that wasn't the most flattering thing I've seen. So, check out the season premiere and see what she did.

  • CHRISTA MILLER, "The Drew Carey Show". Christa has had long hair for a while, after going with a bob a few seasons ago. For this season, she's snipped it off into a short shag style. Again, only seen one bad picture that looked moderately stylish, but we won't know for sure until Drew and the boys return. And no, I don't mean that it's so short she looks like a boy or that the males are the only stars of the show. Sheesh. Lighten up.
  • SELA WARD, "Once and Again". As most everyone knows, Sela cut her long style back to an above the shoulders shag just after her series wrapped last spring. I had finally gotten to the point where I liked her hair long, but this is pretty darn cute too. Biggest question will be how or if they work it into the storyline of the show. Always annoys me when they don't, since it makes the other characters seem like the least observant people in the world. I mean, they'd comment if one of the characters was missing an ear or something, right? Ok, maybe not. (LINK)
  • KIM DELANEY, "Philly". Nothing spectacular here except that they straightened her hair. Yeah, I loved it curly, but they had to make her look different from her "NYPD Blue" character somehow. I should just be glad they didn't cut it. Plus, she still looks great and she's even turning 40 this year. Can you believe that?
  • LARA FLYNN BOYLE, "The Practice". Again, no huge change. Just spent the summer letting her hair grow and adding some layers. If stick girl ever let's it down, you'll see what I mean and that it's quite attractive. (LINK)
  • COURTNEY THORNE-SMITH, "According to Jim". New show for Courtney and she has let her unfortunate pixie grow back out to the sexy short shag she had when she first cut her hair back in the days of "Ally McBeal". I'd say watch her and enjoy the 'do early, since I don't expect the show to be around much beyond when the Great Pumpkin rises.


  • JENNIFER ANISTON & COURTNEY COX, "Friends". Since her hated (meaning by Jennifer herself) bob last year, Jennifer has spent every moment since then letting it grow back out. It's currently below her shoulders again, close to the length she had the season after she let her "Rachel" cut grow out. It'll be interesting to see if she just lets it keep growing all season long. And, if she really wants a change, would it kill her to let it go naturally wavy? Huh? Would it?? As for Courtney, she's preserving the long style that she finally figured out what to do with toward the end of last season. I think it should be still long, with a few possible waves and maybe even a lighter color. Just something to keep any eye out for. And it gives me a reason to think about Courtney. =) (LINK)
  • SHERRY STRINGFIELD & MING-NA, "ER". The long lost Sherry Stringfield returns to the show this year. Don't have any idea what her hair looks like, since we haven't sent her since Dr. Susan Lewis caught the train and left Mark at the station. I'm guessing shoulder-length shag (then again, I did see that one preview...). Ming-Na continues to let her hair grow. It was a mid-back shag last time I saw her. Wonder what it will be like this season? I'm saying she keeps letting it grow.


  • VALERIE BERTINELLI & ROMA DOWNEY, "Touched By An Angel". Val returns to network TV with her long hair in a style frighteningly reminiscent of her 'do on "One Day At A Time". Not that her hair looked bad then (heck, it was imitated as much as Farrah's), but it just seems weird that she's come THAT full circle. Keep an eye out for it and see if it is indeed the same or there has been some sort of divine intervention. Sorry, that was too easy. Anyway, Roma is still blonde and growing her hair again. I'm surprised she stayed blonde actually, but I guess it distinguishes her from Val. By the way, did they ever explain the blonde on the show? I mean, why would an angel need to hit the Clairol aisle?
  • CATHERINE BELL, "JAG". You know, I don't even think she changed her hair at all, but it looks so darn good on her, consider this an excuse to watch her anyway. =) (LINK)


  • CALISTA FLOCKHART & JULIANNE NICHOLSON, "Ally McBeal". Calista has gone from her long stringy style, to a shoulder-length wavy shag. No, really, it doesn't look bad. Check it out and see. Bigger question is how long it will take to morph into something less flattering. The bigger story is Julianne Nicholson is joining the cast. Julianne was the girl who shaved her head in "The Love Letter" and later had a really cute wavy short 'do in NBC's short-lived "The Others". I'm really curious as to what her hair is gonna look like on the show, since her character is a lawyer and so "cute" probably won't be what they are going for. Which will be tough, because she really is cute. =)
  • CYNTHIA WATROS, "Titus". If you remember last season, Cyntha cut her straight, center-parted, shoulder-length, blunt cut into a funky curly pixie. As the season progressed she slowly let it grow out (as opposed to forcing to grow out quickly, I guess). What does it look like these days? Your guess is as good as mine. Check out "Titus" and let me know.
  • DANA DELANY, "Pasadena". Dana had a shorter shaggish 'do with bangs earlier this year that she has been letting grow for several months. It's now pretty much bangless, shoulder-length, lightly layered, and sort of a reddish color. Except for the color, I think it's very flattering. Then again, I've had a crush on Dana since "China Beach", so it's not like I'm really impartial. =)


  • SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, ALLISON HANNIGAN, & EMMA CAULFIELD, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Minor news here. Sarah has gone back closer to the color she had when the series first started, brown with blonde highlights, which was my favorite (thus meaning the best) of her color choices, especially since she had really been too blonde of late. No change on the length though, so tune in to see what style the Slayer gets resurrected with. Allison had shown up in some publicity photos with blonde hair, which just looked wrong. I mean, a non-redheaded Willow? What's up with that? Anyway, she should be a henna head again before the premiere, so check her out. Finally, Emma had been letting her hair get longer and blonder (what's the fascination with blonde on this show?) since she cut it short a couple of seasons ago. It's now well below her shoulders and very blonde. Let's see how long they let her look too much like Buffy. =)

The WB

  • CHARISMA CARPENTER, "Angel". Though I'd never have picked a bob for Charisma with her face shape, I'll admit it didn't look too bad at the end of last season. The blonde streaks had to go though (blonde streaks in brunette hair = personal pet peeve). Did they go? Not sure. The one quick preview I've seen seemed to show that she's let the bob grow to between her chin and shoulders, but it still appeared to have blonde in it, if not more. Let's hope she comes to her senses soon on that one.
  • JESSICA BIEL, "7th Heaven". Jessica's a blonde now! And wow, but does she make a great blonde. Even as one firmly ensconced in the brunette camp, I can say that she should have been blonde all along. Dark hair doesn't do nearly as much for her. Gee, that was a lot of gushing, wasn't it? I think I pulled something. (LINK)
  • ROSE MCGOWAN, "Charmed". She is the new sister who isn't Shannon Dougherty (who apparently isn't happy doing ANYTHING). Rose had hair below mid-back, but appears to have trimmed it to just below her shoulder for the new role. Not sure why, since makes it virtually the same length as Holly Marie Combs on the show. Wouldn't keeping it longer distinguish her more? Then again, no one ever asks me.
  • KERI RUSSELL, "Felicity". Oh, you knew this one had to be here, right? Just a reminder to tune in to check out the ongoing Growth of the Curls. And who can get tired of that?


Well, that's all I can really think of for now. I'm sure there are some that I missed that you'll run across (such as JOELY FISHER who is on some new show and has let her hair grow out long again), but this will at least get you started. No, no need to thank me. It just feels good to give. =)

Oh and before I forget, the pictures in NAME THAT CELEBRITY! from many moons ago were Charisma Carpenter and Janine Turner back in their big, blonde hair days. The first person to get it right was KAT MOORE! Congrats to Kat. The next 10 (making a total of 11, since the contest before this only had 9 correct guessers and I have to make sure the universe stays in balance) were: C. Ober, Kim Ries, Sharon Serra, Brian Lauritzen (hey, a guy!), Rebecca Scully, Christine Saraco, jessmoon, Tina Hughes, Lori Fyffe, and B Kennelly. Congrats, folks!

That's all for now...except that didn't Sarah Jessica Parker's hair look REALLY short on the telethon? =)

As usual,


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