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Jennifer Lopez: Spectacular Hair Color


While everyone from Madonna to US Magazine appeared to be focused on the state of Bennifer (Ben + Jennifer), they were missing the real scoop, which is Jennifer's ever changing, brilliantly designed, breathtaking hair hues.

Jennifer's hair color on the October 2003 cover of W Magazine was spectacular.

A shiny splash of artfully placed golden infused streaks caught the light around her stunning face and bounced off the edge of her sultry Veronica Lake style fringe.

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The leather clad Jennifer Lopez was impeccably coifed by world famous Oribe. Her shiny chestnut tresses flowed into a liquid fringe of soft chocolate colored curls.

Crack open the W magazine and flip through the first 26 pages until you come across a full page advertisement for her latest fragrance, still jennifer lopez. Could that really be the same women lounging on the luxurious couch?

Yes, it's yet another one of the indelible images of Jennifer Lopez. For the still jennifer lopez look her hair was totally different.

From Chocolate Brown To Baby Blonde

The soft chestnut hue from the W Cover had been transformed into a beautiful composition of sultry rich baby blonde shades. The blonde hue perfectly matched the array of soft delicate waves and curls which framed her beautiful face.

Keep flipping through that same W issue and you would find JLo in one of her celebrated Louis Vuitton ads sporting slicked back chocolate tresses with artfully applied pin stripped caramel highlights.

If these three stunning examples of Jennifer Lopez's hair color transformations are not proof enough of hair color brilliance, pop over to the Web and check out her many images which appear on a myriad of sites.

Although I personally loved her ultra blonde hair that she had in her Angel Eyes movie, I was also in awe of her soft baby blonde shade in her new still jennifer lopez layouts. They were two completely different blonde hues, but both were spectacular.

Steal Her Hair Color Tricks

Jennifer's hair color for W Magazine was a true work of color art crafted skillfully by her celebrated hair color magician, Rita Hazan of the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City.

Rita is the ongoing hair color genius behind the perfect creation of Jennifer's sun-kissed tresses. She is the person who defines Lopez's hair color for every season.

Rita is warm, funny and very approachable. She's worked with Jennifer for years since they first met at the infamous New York Oribe salon.

Jennifer's Natural Hair Color

When I caught up with Rita I asked her what Jennifer's natural hair color was. The hair color guru replied ''Jennifer's highlights are a honey-caramel color—her natural color is a golden brown".

Jennifer's hair, except for movie roles or special events tends to stay close to her natural base color. Rita explained "For most people, less is more," She added "heavy highlights or a drastic contrast can look overdone".

Does Rita have a preferred method for coloring Jennifer's tresses? Rita utilizes "a foil method to highlight strands in the top layer of her hair and around her face".

Array Of Different Hues

So how does Jennifer have so many different hues? Rita explained "we always change Jennifer's hair color around a little each time, sometimes mixing in lowlights (darker pieces), other times adding more highlights."

As a result, "her color is different all the time" which means "it can work with her myriad of fashion styles" which range from natural and relaxed to sporty to ultra high glam.

Rita said "Jennifer has a certain spontaneity to her fashions and to her overall image including her hair. Which is why changing up her hair color on a regular basis really works."

Steal Jennifer's Hair Color

If you want to steal Jennifer's amazing hair color Rita advises "avoiding stark contrasting colors, especially if you usually wear your hair pulled back." The key is to make sure your strands don't "look striped"

Rita also said another key part of Jennifer's stunning hair color is the fact she "gets touch-ups on a timely basis to control the re-growth areas."


Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves told me "Jennifer loves to wear her naturally wavy hair both curly as well as blown straight. He noted "red carpet nights are often updo affairs for Jennifer" and "change is good".

Since Jennifer does change up her hairstyles Rita makes sure to create amazing color which works fantastic whether she wears her hair straight, naturally wavy or pulled back or up.

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