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Jennifer Aniston Hair Commercials?


Jennifer Aniston All Rights Reserved

She's America's Sweetheart, a beloved member of TV's iconic Friends (1994-2004), a tabloid fav due to her marriage, divorce and ongoing challenges with Brad Pitt and his current partner - Angelina Jolie.

Is Jennifer doing hair commercials? Has she ever done them before? What is her connection to the big hair giant - L'Oreal? Read on, the scoops are all here in this article.

Actually the media is all abuzz by the reports that the lovely Ms. Aniston has reportedly signed an estimated $10 million dollar deal to shoot so-called "mini action movies" for L'Oreal hair products.

The mini film commercials are supposedly going to be shot this summer with Jennifer playing the heroine and directed by film director David Fincher. Her reps have denied these reports which claim she is reinventing her image to be less girl-next-store and more alluring, sexy and seductive.

Although her L'Oreal commercial work has been denied, Jennifer is busy doing commercials for "Smartwater" an "electrolyte enhanced" drink she created for Glaceau with the slogan "water that's the envy of all water."

Jennifer's L'Oreal Hair Commercials In The Late 90s

While it's impossible to say if Jennifer is really going to be shooting L'Oreal mini commercials in the near future. She did shoot hair commercials in the late 1990s.

Yes, unless you lived in England you probably missed them but the truth is that the beautiful actress was doing hair advertisements in Great Britain for L'Oreal's ELVIVE shampoo.

Who could blame L'Oreal for wanting the superstar whose haircut - The Rachel - launched a frenzy. Women all over America rushed out to have their own hair coiffed into the Rachel.

The L'Oreal shampoo ads in question never hit the shores of the United States and most of her American fans are unlikely to ever see those ads.

More On Jennifer's Oversea Hair Commercials

Jennifer Aniston All Rights Reserved

Why would Jennifer do hair ads overseas? Quite simply, it has been very common for big name stars, especially TV stars who have broken into film, to agree to hawk a wide range of products overseas for millions of dollars. This practice has been going on for years.

Rising stars like Jennifer realized that hawking products in other countries were out of sight of US audiences which did not damage their reputation from overexposure.

Unlike the movie Lost In Translation where a movie star is required to go to Japan to shoot a commercial, it is most likely that Jennifer shot her L'Oreal work right around Los Angeles.

Around the time that Jennifer was doing the L'Oreal commercials for ELVIVE her star was rising to new heights. In 1997 she starred in Picture Perfect with Kevin Bacon which was mostly well-received. As many big name stars know, shooting commercials offshore helped to build a stronger fan base around the world. It also was easy money. Maybe not the ten million that is rumored for a new L'Oreal ad campaign, but definitely in the millions for sure.

Back in the late 1990s there was no U Tube or similar websites that could immediately pop up foreign commercials. U Tube changed the entire landscape of the world of foreign commercials. Nowadays if superstars are trying to conceal the fact that they are hawking cigarettes, alcohol or other politically incorrect products for tons of bucks, they will most likely show up on a video site at some point.

Liv Tyler, Angelina Jolie & Sharon Stone Did It Too

Jennifer Aniston was not alone in doing overseas hair and beauty commercials. Liv Tyler showed off her luscious brunette locks in oversea ad campaigns for Lux styling gel. Angelina Jolie skipped the hair care ads but did appear in Japan dress as Morticia Addams for Honda Odysseys.

Even songbird Mariah Carey did work for Kose cosmetics in Japan and Sharon Stone hawked Vernal bath and beauty products.

Jennifer's Smartwater Ads

Jennifer Aniston

Another concern that celebrities had about doing commercials was fear of overexposure or cheapening their movie careers. In some cases actors known to do lots of commercials could potentially damage their changes for certain starring roles.

Now that U Tube has happened, Jennifer couldn't begin to hide any overseas endorsement deals. So why not let it all hang out? Which is exactly what she is doing in a very tight pair of jeans for Smartwater.

Any worry about overexposure would not be an issue for Ms. Aniston who is constantly stalked by the media anyway.


Currently the tabloids are abuzz about Jennifer Aniston's reported new commercial deal with hair and beauty giant L'Oreal. Although her reps deny it, we all know how celebrities often spin the truth until they are ready to let the public know what they want us to know.

Ironically, it is well-known in the inner hair media circles that Jennifer never wishes to talk about her hair, even though it helped make her famous, because she wants to be known as "a serious actress" and not a hair icon. So why did she agree to do L'Oreal ads in the late 1990s for L'Oreal? Why not. Money always talks in my book.

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