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Long Shiny Honey Blonde Hair From Goldwell

Goldwell All Rights Reserved

As a hair consumer is it really possible to color your hair at home? Can you achieve show stopping blonde from a box? My answer is maybe, it all depends, possibly.

Some hair consumers achieve the exact color results they desire using drugstore hair color. Others achieve workable results while others fail miserably and must head to the correction specialist.

Unfortunately I've collected thousands of emails over the past 15 years which prove beyond a doubt that if you want show stopping blonde, spectacular brunette or ravishing red colored tresses, it's probably not going to come from a box.

World famous hair color manufacturer Goldwell agrees. In fact, they incorporated the tagline "You Can't Get Supernatural From A Supermarket" to describe their spectacular line of professional hair color.

You might argue that Goldwell is a professional hair color manufacturer and would naturally try to sell the benefits of professional colorists. But they are absolutely right that if you want supernatural hair color it's highly unlikely to get it from a box.

Not only did I have my own boxed hair color journey for many years which ultimately destroyed my hair, I have many stories from distraught hair color consumers who never could achieve that glorious hair color showcased by celebrities. Even worse, they've suffered through years of bad hair color hangovers.

You Wouldn't Do Your Own Dental Work So Why Your Hair Color?

Long Wheat Color Blonde Hair From Goldwell

Goldwell All Rights Reserved

Famed hair expert John C. Simpson puts it all in perspective. John notes "You wouldn’t do your own dental work or give yourself a tattoo, so why would you think it’s ok to do your own hair color?"

Regardless of what all the marketing hype about home hair color promises, the reality is that professional hair color results are only available from a highly trained color professional.

Not All Hair Professionals Are Color Gurus

It's important to note that not all hair professionals are hair color experts. This is a common misconception amongst many hair consumers.

In the professional hair world it's definitely possible for a stylist to provide good hair color services with a top professional hair color brand like Goldwell.

Find The Best Hair Colorist

However, hair color professionals train exclusively and extensively in hair color formulation. Many often dedicate their professional life to only providing color services.

Have you ever met a hair colorists who doesn't do cuts, styling or texturizing services, but does amazing color? If so, hand onto to that colorist because they are truly dedicated to their craft.

If you truly want traffic stopping hair color, seek out the very best hair color professional you can find. A great hair colorist working with the very best professional hair color line with transform your hair color in ways that you could only dream about.

Advantages To A Professional Colorist Using Professional Hair Color Line

Goldwell All Rights Reserved

In their professional hair color marketing campaigns Goldwell clearly explains why show stopping hair color can't come from a box.

Goldwell outlines the following advantages below:

1. Balanced Color Results

When you work with a hair color professional, your hair color service is custom designed around your hair's current condition and porosity. It's also designed around your current length, natural texture, hair type and lifestyle.

This is the only way to guarantee even, natural-looking, superior color results. Box colors are designed and developed to fit the masses, not the individual.

2. One Size Does Not Fit All

When you work with a professional hair colorist they hand select a developer lotion, depending on what color results you want to ultimately achieve. Box color is “one size fits all” – which may be too much or too little of what you really need. to achieve your color goals.

3. Customized Formulations

Your color is yours alone, not a generic flavor pictured on a box cover or sitting on a shelf.

Vibrant Hair Color Rainbow Of Brunettes And Reds Intermingled

Goldwell All Rights Reserved

Your hair colorist starts by analyzing your own unique natural color. Then they create a customized formulation just for you and your hair.

By mixing two or three different colors together and combining with the perfect application technique you leave the salon with celebrity quality hair.

The result is the perfect shade which complements your skin and eye tones and lifestyle.


Have you ever wondered how Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna consistently rock eye popping, mouth dropping hair color?

The answer is a professional hair color expert who utilizes only the very best professional hair color lines like Goldwell and similar.

If you want stare-worthy hair color than throw that box color in the trash and head for the best hair color expert you can hunt down.

- Revised Publication Date: 04/01/12

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